SKRIPSI Jurusan Seni dan Desain - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2010

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Pemilihan Materi Pembelajaran Seni Budaya oleh Guru Bidang Seni Tari SMA Negeri Malang

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Pemilihan Materi Pembelajaran Seni Budaya Oleh Guru Bidang Seni
Budaya SMA Negeri Kota Malang
Abstract: Study curriculum is a set plan and arrangement that contain
purpose, Iesson materials and content and also used as a management
guidance of learning activity to reach the purpose of selected education.
As for intention of election of this title that is each teacher have their
problems and way in choosing a learning material, this matter can
because of from student character, lack of time, environmental school
and others. Generally, the problem formula to be discussed in this
research  that is How election of the learning material of dance art in
cultural art in state Senior high schools of Malang? Peculiarly yaitu:(1)
How the teacher arrange learning material of dance art in the state SMAs
of malang? ( 2) which factors influence the teacher in determining the
learning material of dance art in the state SMAs of malang?
The approach which used in this research is qualitative approach that
yielding descriptive data. Research location that is SMA 3 and SMA 5 of
malang. Data analyse technique that used is analyse technique from
Miles and of Huberman which consist of data reduce phase, data
presentation and withdrawal of conclusion phase. Research instrument
that used is interview result with the cultural art (dance art) education
From research result known that in the learning material plan of Cultural
Art (dance art), there are some ways which used by teacher  in planning
learning material, that is, teacher have to know election criterion of
learning material, identifying aspect which include in competence
standard and elementary competence, identifying teaching materials 
type, choosing a relevant or appropriate teaching materials with
competence standard and elementary competence, last that is choosing
the source of teaching. Factors that influencing election of learning
material that is internal factor which composing skill of teacher, formal
education and experience and eksternal factor which consist of ability of
student itself, factors from school external environmental that is expert
or actor, and also from learning media, that is audio media, visual media,
and visual audio media.
Kata kunci: Pemilihan Materi Pembelajaran, Seni Budaya, Seni Tari.