SKRIPSI Jurusan Seni dan Desain - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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Human Face as Creation Inspiration Source for Digital Art

Moh. Ihwan Hadi




Ihwan Hadi, Mohammad. 2016. Human Face as Creation Inspiration Source for Digital Art. Thesis, Arts and Design Major, Faculty of Letter, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Drs.Didiek Rahmanadji, M.Pd, (II) Drs. Andi Harisman.


Key Words: Human Face, Creation, Digital Art

The human face is one part of the anatomy of the most dominant among other body parts. Where in the interaction among human beings, the main concern is the face itself, and face other than as to remember or imagine others, the face is a defining characteristic or as a person's identity.

In this creation, the authors take the work or ideas of the human face is the face of several lecturers who have taught and guided in lectures. That idea or concept is applied in digital art. Digital art is chosen by writer as creating media in expressing the emotion.

The process in the creation of digital artworks of this stems from the design concept in which there are ideas or ideas, themes, and object which would be created which is representational objects. After that determine the characteristics of the work, and then specify the techniques and tools and materials to be used. If everything has been fulfilled for the next step is the visualization process, namely process it into the computer. After that process is detail work for the strengthening of the bright and dark light and the latter form is printed using printing machines.

The writer displays 6 digital artwork with the aesthetic formed of points, lines, shapes and space, color and texture as a symbol of the concept. Using the characteristics of the work with the forms and geometric particles.

According to the results of this creation is expected to be able to give new experience for creator or the others in the study of digital artwork. Start from concept planning, until the visualization works progress, and descriptions of the works based on writer point of view or viewpoint of others.