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Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Booklet Berbasis Flip Book Maker Pada Materi Proklamator dan Peran Para Tokoh Sekitar Proklamasi Kelas XI Adm 1 di SMK PGRI Turen, Kabupaten Malang

yusuf mahfudin




Historical learning is defined as systematic and deliberate attempts by educators to create conditions for learners to engage in historical learning. Teachers have an important role to manage the environment in order to help students achieve a change in their desired behavior. With the development of technology there should be innovative learning media in the learning process, but this is not encountered in the school SMK PGRI Turen because teachers only convey the method of lectures and discussions. Facts encountered in class XI ADM 1, that learning media less attractive and less motivate learners.

Based on these conditions, it is necessary to provide a teaching media in order to fix problems that have been found, namely technology-based learning. One of them is teaching media-Booklet using Flip Book Maker. By the merger of printed media that being digititalzed using flip book maker and modified into apk form so that this media can be opened through the learner’s android smartphone. It is hoped that learners will be more interested in understanding the events that have been taught in the subject of history. The one is the material of the proclaimer and the role of the figures around the proclamation.

The method used in this research is taken from the research and development method of Sugiyono. This method has 10 stages. But the researchers modify this 10 stages that have been described by Sugiyono. The stages are: (1) Potential and Problems, (2) Data Collection, (3) Product Design and Material, (4) Design and Material Validation, (5) Design and Material Revisions, (6)Trial product , (7) Product Revision, (8) Trial the use of Product, (9) Product Revision, (10) Final Production. Data collection instrument that used is the expert validation sheet of material and media, questionnaire response of learners.

This product has been subjected to expert validation test of  material and has a precentage of 88.63% and 90% from the expert. The results of small group trials obtained percentage results of 95.71% and 79.79% of the results of large group trials. The conclusion of the percentage of the results that the development of teaching media-booklet using flip book maker is valid and effective,and can be used in the process of learning the subject of history.