SKRIPSI Jurusan Sejarah - Fakultas Ilmu Sosial UM, 2018

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar


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The Renville agreement which had been approved by the Dutch and Indonesians on January 17, 1948, divided Indonesia into two territories. This was due to the division of territory bounded by the Van Mook line, which divided two regions, namely the Republic and the Dutch territory. The troops in the Dutch territory must be migrated to the Republic territory. On December 19, 1948 Yogyakarta was attacked by the Dutch, which was regarded as a disobedience of the Renville's agreement by the Dutch. The said incident triggered General Sudirman as commander in chief to issue a quick command to do the Wingate Action, a command for the troops to return to the enclave and form the Wehrkreise. Brigade III Damarwulan led by Lieutenant Colonel Sruji was on duty to return to Besuki. This journey was started from Blitar down the southern path from Lodoyo to Tempursari in the south of Lumajang which became the gate to finally break into Besuki. When Brigade III Damarwulan was at Tempursari, they got into a big battle with the Dutch who unexpectedly came with their bomber plane and Tempursari was in an all out battle, but the Brigade III troops survived and could finally go on their journey. conclusion is about the result of the Tempursari battle. Tempursari area which previously was occupied by the Dutch could finally be open and passable by the Brigade III Damarwulan troops towards Besuki. The opening of the Tempursari area was very useful because Tempursari was the fastest path to reach Besuki.