SKRIPSI Jurusan Sejarah - Fakultas Ilmu Sosial UM, 2018

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Pengembangan Modul Sejarah Lokal Makam Troloyo sebagai Hasil Kebudayaan Islam dalam Pembelajaran Sejarah kelas X di SMAN 1 Kutorejo Kabupaten Mojokerto

Nurul Iswati




Iswati, Nurul. The Development of Local History Based Module of TroloyoGrave as a Result of Islamic Culture in Learning History at Class X SMAN 1 Kutorejo. Thesis, Department of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, UniversitasNegeri Malang. Advisor: Drs. SlametSujud P.J., M.Hum.       

Keywords: module, local history, Troloyo grave

The subject of History is greatly important to be taught to the students. Through history, they will know more about the history of their country and it will enable them to be more prepared for their personal life and their country's life. However, the students are less interested in this subject due to monotonous learning materials used. The teachers, particularly at SMAN 1 Kutorejo, mostly use theorerical book and workbook. Thus, the students often feel bored and sleepy while they are learning. As a matter of fact, the learning material is vital in the learning process. One of the learning materials that can support the learning process is a module. Module is a kind of learning material which enables the students to learn independently.

Based on the aforementioned explanation, the writer conducted a study and developed a learning material, which specifically focused on creating a module based on the local history of Troloyo grave as the result of Islamic culture, for History subject at grade X. Besides, this study also aimed to find out the validity of this module as the learning material.

The method of this study is Research and Development. According to Sugiyono (2015), this method has ten steps. However, only nine steps were used in this study: (1) potency and problems, (2) information/data collection, (3) product design, (4) design validation, (5) design revision, (6) product try-out, (7) design revision, (8) implementation testing, (9) final product revision, dan (10) final production. The instruments for collecting the data were validation sheets from expert in material, teacher and expert in media, and a questionnaire containing the students’ response about the module.

This study has produced a module which is based on the local history of Troloyo grave as a result of Islamic culture. Since this module is based on the local history, hopefully the students will have a better understanding on their local history and realize the importance of it. Based on the results of experts’ validation and implementation testing of this module, it was found that the results of experts’ validation were 98.2% from expert in material, 85.4% from teacher, and 78.8% from expert in media. Furthermore, the results of implementation testing were 91% in small group and 90% in large group. Therefore, based on these results, this module is valid to be used in History subject for grade X at SMAN 1 Kutorejo.