SKRIPSI Jurusan Sejarah - Fakultas Ilmu Sosial UM, 2018

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Perbedaan Hasil Belajar antara Model Pembelajaran Picture and Picture dengan Model Pembelajaran Jigsaw Kelas X IIS di SMAN 1 Sumberpucung

balkis ekabella




Education in Indonesia has long it will growing and the trying to follow motion developments.The development of this should followed by success in learning activities, in the form of both study results, the motivation to study, and liveliness students.There are several factors that affect in realize the purpose. One of them is a factor teachers and students in implementing learning activities. Teaching history student of class XthIIS 1—5 , with of study result of the in the form of the value of preparation of test questions teachers daily duties at school there are still many which has not yet reached the value of KKM (the criteria used to would at least) on any material especially pre-history. In reaction to this, to improving the result of students to study they are also required to a variety of efforts, and among the companies were use the model of learning picture and picture. The payment is stalled because focuses more on liveliness students as well as we have not rewarded with lofty mansions in active, innovative, creative ways to cope with, and it is fun. This model of learning previously students of more much be required to analyze an image, and therefore the students fix of study result of the line.