SKRIPSI Jurusan Sejarah - Fakultas Ilmu Sosial UM, 2018

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Pemanfaatan Museum Majapahit sebagai Sarana Edukasi bagi Wisatawan Nusantara

Alfiyah Nurhabibah




In the globalization era, museum is not only an institution to preserve the objects of historical importance, but also means of public education. This also applies to Majapahit museum which functions have constantly developed as time passes. Nowadays, Majapahit museum has frequently been an educational tourism destination, specifically in this case is for domestic tourists. This study is intended to know the Majapahit museum potential for domestic tourists’ education and to explain the utilization of Majapahit museum as means of education for domestic tourists. This is a qualitative study using descriptive approach. This study uses observation, interview, documentation, and review of related literature as data collection techniques. The researcher is as a human instrument in this study. In addition, observation and interview guidelines are also employed as supporting instruments to collect the data. The main data are sourced from the results of the observation and the interview results with the informants. The supporting data are sourced from documentation.