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2008 A Study on Students’ Learning Style Preferences in Learning English at SMP Negeri 4 Malang Abstrak
Enita Sholikatin
2008 Using Songs to Increase the Vocabulary Retention of the 5th Grades students of SDN Taman Satriyan 1, Tirtoyudo, Malang Abstrak
Ina Hidayati
2008 Using a Narrative Scaffold to Improve Students’ EFL Writing Ability in SMA Negeri 1 Gambiran-Banyuwangi Abstrak
Nada Yangrifqi
2008 Intensive Course Students’ Independent Study Learning and Visit Patterns in the English Self-Access Center at the State University of Malang Abstrak
Nina Inayati
2008 Students’ Opinions toward the Application of Peer Response Method Abstrak
Fatimatuzzahroh Fatimatuzzahroh
2008 Using WH-questions Technique to Improve the Second Year Students’ Abilities in Generating Ideas of Writing Recount in MTS Surya Buana Malang Abstrak
Wiwid Ananing Reny
2008 A Study on the Techniques of Teaching English in the First Grade of the International Primary School Laboratory Of UM Abstrak
Suci Maharani
2008 An Implementation of Audience/Purpose-Related Strategies to Improve the Quality of Eighth Graders’ Writings at SMP Negeri 1 Singosari Abstrak
Riski Lestiono
2008 Using Strip-story to Improve Eight Graders' Speaking Ability Abstrak
Fanny Septya Christy
2008 A Study on the Implementation of English Speaking Program at MAN 3 Malang Dormitory Abstrak
Devinta Puspita Ratri
2009 The Clash between Religion and Science : The Compromise in Van Helsing Abstrak
Ghalih Ghufron Trijaya
2009 Using Credit Point System to Promote Students' Motivation in Oral Participation in English Calsses at SMPN 1 Malang Abstrak
Rofida Widyatmika
2009 Classroom Interaction in the Teaching of Speaking fort the Eighth Graders at MTs Surya Buana Malang Abstrak
Winarti Winarti
2009 “Profile of a Good Senior High School English Teacher Based on Students’ Point 0f View in SMA N 1 Durenan. Abstrak
Ahmad Soedarmawan
2009 The Problems of the Third Year Students of SMAN 4 Malang in Comprehending English Reading Texts Abstrak
Muhammad Hamdan Fakhrudin
2009 The Teaching of Reading Comprehension Strategies to Students of grade VIII at Sekolah Alam MTs Surya Buana Malang Abstrak
Netty Arywardany
2009 English as a Medium of Instruction in the International Laboratory Primary School of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) Abstrak
Lina Ismuninggar
2009 The Implementation of English Conversation Club as an Extracurricular Activity at SMP Negeri 18 Malang Abstrak
Fitriningsih Fitriningsih
2009 The Teaching of English at SDN Percobaan 1 Malang Abstrak
Muhrofin Muhrofin
2009 Developing Listening Courseware for First Grade Students of SMA Abstrak
Agung Wicaksono
2009 The Teaching of Speaking For the Eleventh Graders of Hotel Accommodation Program at SMK Negeri 3 Probolinggo Abstrak
Tri Widyastuti
2009 “The Use of Instructional Media in the Teaching of English in Three Different Programs at SMP Negeri 1 Malang” Abstrak
Uswatun Hasanah
2009 Classroom Interaction in the Teaching and Learning of English at the Twelfth Grade of MAN 3 Malang Abstrak
Tri Widyaningsih
2009 A Content Analysis on English e-Book for Junior High School Grade VII, ”English In Focus” Abstrak
Nuryantiningsih Pusporini
2008 The Use of Movie for Improving Students’ Speaking Ability at Englishland Course Malang Abstrak
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