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2008 The Implementation of Concept Mapping to Improve the Performance of the Eight Grade Students of SMPN 4 Malang in Writing Descriptive Texts Abstrak
Shanti Chandra Dewi
2008 Implementing Picture Sequences to Improve Students’ Ability in Writing Narrative Texts Abstrak
Yuli Astuti Hasanah
2008 The Breaches of Conversational Maxims in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest Abstrak
Lutfinda Pratiti
2008 The Politeness Strategies used by Bree van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives TV Series Abstrak
Reli Handayani
2008 Teacher’s Strategies in Overcoming Problems in the Teaching of Speaking at SMK NEGERI 1 Singosari Malang Abstrak
Mohammad Hasbullah I.
2008 Grammatical Errors in the First Year Students’ Writing Tasks of SMP Negeri 6 Malang Abstrak
Hidayatul Maulidiyah
2008 J.R.R. Tokien’s The Lord Of The Rings: A Semiotical Studies Abstrak
Nurul Laili Nadhifah
2008 The Implementation of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Approach in the Teaching of English at SMPN 6 Malang Abstrak
Idha Zauharin
2008 Reading Mimicry in Dreamgirls the Movie Abstrak
Mawar Firdausi
2008 The Evaluation of the Reading Comprehension Formative Test of the Eleventh Graders in MAN 3 Malang Abstrak
Achmad Hasan Ashari
2008 The Implementation of Speaking Class as a Local Content at SMPN 1 Singosari Malang Abstrak
Dessy Krisdian
2008 The Techniques of Teaching Speaking in the Eight Grade of the International Class Program at Laboratory Basic Education State University of Malang Abstrak
Husnul Khotimah
2008 The Effect of the Content-Based Summarizing Technique on Reading Comprehension of Narrative Texts of the Twelfth Graders of SMA Negeri 1 Probolinggo Abstrak
Nurul Hasanah
2008 The Simpsons Movie: Critiques on Consumerism and Environmental Problem Abstrak
Anizar Ahmad Yasmin
2008 Ideologies in Queen Elizabeth I’s Poems Abstrak
Dini Privea Prabawati
2008 The Students’ English Achievement in the Hard Science and Social Science Programs at SMA Negeri 2 Jombang Abstrak
Rully Mustikaningrum
2008 The English Teaching Techniques Applied in the International Class of State Junior High School (SMPN) 8 Malang in reference to Second Language Acquisition Theories Abstrak
Ima Saniyati
2008 The Use of English in the Mathematicss Teaching and Learning of International Standard Class in SMPN 1 Malang Abstrak
Ety Dwi Jayanti
2008 The Teaching of Speaking Skills as an Extracurricular Activity at SMK Negeri 1 Singosari Abstrak
Nunung Tri Hastuti
2008 Improving the Ability in Writing Hortatory Exposition of SMAN 12 Malang through Outlining Abstrak
Ana Maria
2008 The Implementation of Experiential Learning to Improve the Ability of Eight Graders of SMPN 1 Singosari in Writing Personal Recount Paragraphs Abstrak
Nine Febrie Novitasari
2008 Politeness Strategies Used by Indonesian Chatters in IRC Abstrak
Ima Khalimatus Sa’diyah
2008 Code Switching in Indonesian Pop Songs Abstrak
Ifa Dewi Safitri
2008 Strategies of Refusal to Requests by English Department Students of State University of Malang Abstrak
Thaliatur Rizqiyah
2008 The Study of Compliment Responses by English Department Students of State University of Malang Based on Social Distance Differences Abstrak
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