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2007 Students’ Reading Strategies in Understanding a Reading Text at SMA Negeri 3 Malang: A Case Study Abstrak   DOC
Agustina D Fahruddiningsih
2007 Validitas Isi Materi Pembelajaran Apresiasi Puisi dalam Buku Teks Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia berdasarkan Kurikulum 2004 Abstrak   DOC
Dian Puspita Sari
2007 The Implementation of English Team-Teaching at SMA Negeri 2 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Dina Puspita Rini
2007 The Implementation of English Portfolio Assessment at the First Grade of SMP Negeri I Malang in the Academic Year 2006/2007 Abstrak   DOC
Maratus Solikah
2007 “The teaching of English in Acceleration Class at SMPN 1 Malang” Abstrak   DOC
Qoni’ Zamili
2007 Using Process Oriented Approach to Improve the Writing Ability of the 8th Grade Students of SMP Negeri I Singosari Abstrak   DOC
Rizqi Khoirunnisa
2007 Metaphors in The Rubric of “True Story” of Reader’s Digest: Form and Symbol Abstrak   DOC
Rani Ariansyah
2007 The Teaching of English at Management Department, Faculty of Economics, State University of Malang Abstrak   DOC
Oktavia Widiastuti
2007 Using the Jigsaw Technique to Increase the Eleventh Graders’ Motivation in Reading Narrative Texts at SMAN 12 Malang Abstrak
Ive Emaliana
2007 A Study on the Implementation of Alternative Assessment at SMPN 13 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Alfi Hidayatu Miqawati
2007 The Use of Forms of Address in Phantom of the Opera Abstrak
Dewianti Khazanah
2007 The Awareness-raising Training on Oral Communication Strategies to Improve Students’ Speaking Ability Abstrak   DOC
T.H Saputro
2008 The Teaching of Reading Comprehension Strategies Implemented by English Teachers of SMAN 4 Malang Abstrak
K. Adiniyah
2008 “The Teaching of English in Acceleration Class at SMUN 3Malang” Abstrak
Fransiskus. P, A.Md Jonet
2008 Western Greed to Rule over Islam: Dismantling The Politics of Representation in Kingdom of Heaven Abstrak
Agustianingsih Agustianingsih
2008 A Study on Teacher’s Questions Given to the Students in English Classroom Abstrak
Rhoy David Kurniawan
2008 The Application of Derby Writing Technique to Promote Students’ Productivity in Writing EFL Compositions Abstrak
Febby Wulandari Aquaningsih
2008 Disney’s Mulan: Upholding Misogyny Abstrak
Tias Tanjung Wilis
2008 Improving Reading Comprehension of Eleven Graders of MAN 3 Malang through SQ3R Strategy Abstrak
Yuni Rahmah Indahyanti
2008 Using Story Mapping Through Cooperative Learning to Improve the Eight Graders Reading Ability of SMP Negeri 4 Malang Abstrak
Galuh Dwiretno Niken Agrikaltarini
2008 Applying Show Not Tell Technique to Improve the Ability of 8th Grade Students of SMP Negeri 1 Lumajang in Writing Descriptive Paragraphs Abstrak
Wahyu Kurnia Utami
2008 The Effects of Setting of Place on Main Character’s Early Development on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Abstrak
Taufik Akbar
2008 Using Storytelling Technique to Increase the Listening Skills of the Fifth Grade Students of SDN Bunulrejo III Malang Abstrak
Ayu Chandra Astari
2008 The Students’ Learning Styles in Learning English at SMPN 1 Wonosari Abstrak
Yayang Rinastalia Madika
2008 Some Consideration in Translating Technical Terminologies as Used in the Fields of Science and Technology and Economics Abstrak
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