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2006 The Politeness Strategies Used by the Characters of The Lord of the Rings Abstrak   DOC
Fitri Hariana Oktaviani
2006 SMA Students’ Reading Comprehension Ability Related to Their Knowledge of the First and the Second 1,000 Most Frequent Words Abstrak   DOC
Forrys Yudhi Anggoro
2006 Reading strategies most frequently employed by the high and the low proficiency readers of third grade students of SMPN 4 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Nurul Mutia Garnasih
2006 Collocation Ability of Students of English Departemnt State University of Malang Abstrak   DOC
Bertalia Anandika Putri
2006 Postmodern Aesthetics Concepts in Shrek Abstrak   DOC
Adisti Ika Wardhani Halawa
2006 A Study on the Teaching of Narrative Text Based on the 2004 Curriculum at SMAN 8 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Ratri Harida
2006 Developing Media-based Listening Material for Self-instruction : material-centered approuch Abstrak   DOC
Pauline Puspita Claudie
2006 On Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace: A Deconstructive Operation Abstrak   DOC
Marsudi Suroso
2006 Using Jigsaw Technique to Stimulate the Tenth Grade of Senior High School Students’ Participation in English Classes at SMA Negeri 8 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Denny Maulidiyanti
2006 English Vocabulary Mastery of Eleventh Grade Students of SMA Negeri 5 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Ika Dani Pujilestari
2006 A Discourse Analysis on Argumentative Statements Delivered by 2004 USA Presidential Candidates in 2004 Presidential Debates Abstrak   DOC
Nuans Nostal Saputri
2007 Students’ Strategies to Overcome Speaking Problems in the Conversation Class as an Intra-curricular Program at SMA Negeri 8 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Yuliyastutik Yuliyastutik
2007 Language Learning Strategies Employed by A Successful Learner of English as A Foreign Language: A Case Study Abstrak   DOC
Nurul Y Setiyaningrum
2007 White Supremacy in Take the Lead, The Movie Abstrak   DOC
Kusnita Sari
2007 The Teaching of Speaking at SMA 4 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Hamidiyah Qudsi
2007 Tracing Puritan Complex In Dan Brown's Deception Point Abstrak   DOC
Singgih Kiswantoro
2007 The Implementation of Teaching English in a Conversation Class at SMA Negeri 8 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Maya Rizki Fauzia
2007 Employing Response Journal Writing Strategy to Improve Students’ Writing Skills at the First Year of SMP N 8 Malang Abstrak   DOC
Ema Aji S
2007 Twisting Linguistic Ambiguity in Written Verbal Humor in ‘Reader’s Digest’ Abstrak   DOC
Liska Novianti Paramitaswari
2007 Repressive Society in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Abstrak   DOC
Herditya Wahyu Widodo
2007 Code Switching Used by Indonesian Bloggers in Friendster Blogs Abstrak   DOC
Tantri Almira Wardhani
2007 The Images of Women as Portrayed by the Female Character in Secretary Abstrak   DOC
Lidia Nur Utami
2007 Social Depiction of England during Victorian Age on Oscar Wilde’s Short Stories (A Mimetic Analysis) Abstrak   DOC
Nabhan Fuad Choiron
2007 The Opposition against the Notion of Ideal Women in the Nineteenth Century Reflected Through the Character of Emma Woodhouse in Jane Austen’s Emma Abstrak   DOC
Arcci Tusita
2007 Using Clustering Technique to Improve the Senior High School Students’ Abilities in Generating Ideas for Writing Analytical Exposition Abstrak   DOC
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