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The Teaching of Reading Comprehension in Man 3 Malang from the Perspective of Schema Theory

Moch. Ashrofihuda




Ashrofihuda, Moch. 2009. The Teaching of Reading Comprehension in MAN 3 Malang from The Perspective of Schema Theory. Thesis, English Department Faculty of Letters State University of Malang. Advisor: Dr. Johannes Ananto Prayogo, M.Pd., M.Ed


Keywords: schema, schema theory, background knowledge, reading comprehension, strategy


The objectives of this study were to describe the kinds of strategies applied in the teaching of reading comprehension in MAN 3 Malang and to find the relevance of the strategies to the schema theory. Reading as one of the language skills is a written form of communication. The business of reading relates to the way the reader gets a message from a text. The students typically make use of their background knowledge, vocabulary, grammatical language, and experience with the text to help them understanding a written text. So it cannot be denied that previous knowledge is very important for the students to get the message of the text. Therefore, schema theory, a theory that proposes how previous knowledge aids the acquisition of new information in reading comprehension process by activating, selecting, and then reinforcing schemata used to comprehend the text.

In accordance with the nature of the objective of this study, the appropriate design was descriptive qualitative research. The research was conducted in MAN 3 Malang which is located at Jl. Bandung 7, Malang, East Java. The subjects of the study were the teachers who taught the students of eleventh grade class involved in the observation. The observation was done on March 17 - May 27, 2009. The researcher used field notes in the observation for data collection and also got some documentation as supporting data. The result of the study would be described in a detailed words form in findings and discussions.

From the findings of 8 field notes and 8 lesson plans, it can be shown that there were 7 strategies applied by the teachers in the class in the teaching of reading comprehension. They are pre-questions, previewing, teaching vocabulary, inserted questions, post-questions, giving feedback, and summarizing. The teachers divided the teaching of reading comprehension into three phases. The first phase was pre-reading activity. In this phase, the teacher applied pre-question, previewing, and teaching vocabulary strategies. The second phase was whilst-reading activities. In this phase, the teacher applied inserted-question. The last phase was post-reading activity. In this phase, the teacher applied post questioning, giving feedback, and making summarization strategies. To conclude, the teaching reading comprehension strategies applied by the teacher in MAN 3 Malang were considered relevance to the schema theory. It was proved by the using of three phases of teaching of reading comprehension and 7 strategies in the purpose of activating, selecting, and reinforcing the students' schemata.

It is suggested to English teachers to know more about the schema theory and make lesson plans which represent the schema theory because it will be valuable if they can use the strategies in the teaching of reading comprehension in the class.