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The Procedures of Teaching Reading Comprehension in English Classes at SMAN 1 Talun

Wahyuningsih Yuni



Wahyuningsih, Y. 2019. The Procedures of Teaching Reading Comprehension in English Classes at SMAN 1 Talun. Thesis, Master’s Program in English Language Education, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Dr. Nur Mukminatien, M.Pd. (2) Dr. Utari Praba Astuti, M.A.

Key words: procedures of teaching reading comprehension, English classes,   SMAN 1 Talun

The aim of this study was to describe the procedures used by two English teachers in SMAN 1 Talun in teaching reading comprehension in the pre-reading, whilst reading, and post reading. The subjects of this study are two certified teachers. Teacher A and Teacher B have had twenty years teaching experience. The data were collected by observation checklist and fieldnotes to complete the data about the teachers’ procedures in teaching reading comprehension.

The findings of the study are summarized as follows. In class X IPA 7, Teacher A started the lesson (a song lyrics) by giving questions and answer activities about the reading passage covering the aim of the song, and the structure of the texts, and then asked the students to do the task (identifying the theme/topic, the message, and the figures of speech in the song). In teaching a short story in class XI IPA 1, she started the lesson with questions and answer, followed by finding the meaning of unfamiliar words from the story, and read the story aloud. After that, she asked the students to mention the main characters, to discuss the synopsis of the story, and gave homework (analyzing feature of another short story, structures of short story, moral values, and synopsis). In class XI IPS 2, after students read the short story, Teacher A asked the students to analyze the features of the short story, structure of short story, moral value, and write the synopsis in the students’ workbook. In class X IPA 2, Teacher B opened a question and answer, asked the students to read the reding text aloud, entitled Introduction, asked them to find the main idea and supporting ideas of the text. In class XII IPS 2, Teacher B asked the students to label the picture related to a movie, to find similar meaning related to the movie, and do vocabulary close-test related to review text type entitled the Departed Movie Review, the Lion King Movie Review, and the Constant Gardener Movie Review. In class X IPA 4, Teacher B checked the students’ homework in the form of writing a recount paragraph about the students’ activity last night.

From the six meetings, it can be concluded that the two teachers did not use standard procedures such as genre based, and SQ3R. However, they used procedures of pre-reading, whilst-reading, and post-reading activity in five meetings though in one meeting the teacher (Teacher A) did not use pre-reading activity but she directly used whilst-reading activity. The teachers used their own procedures. The teachers gave many variations in using text types to avoid boring, and make the class more interesting.

Some suggestions are given to the teachers and future researchers as follows. Because in the observation the teachers did not adobt procedures such as genre, and SQ3R, they are suggessed to try to use those procedures in teaching reading comprehension. Besides, future researchers are recommended to observe procedure of teaching reading comprehensona in many more meetings for example in one semester so that hopefully they can find more variations of the teachers’ procedures in teaching reading comprehension.