SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2019

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Developing Monopoly Game for Teaching Tenses through Speaking Activity to the Eighth Graders

Fenda Agustina



The purpose of this study is to develop a modified monopoly game as a supplementary medium in learning grammar through a speaking activity for the eighth graders. The stages of the Research and Development (R&D) was adapted from Borg and Gall (1983), which include:

(1) needs analysis,

(2) product development,

(3) expert validation,

(4) first revision,

(5) product try-out,

(6) second revision, and

(7) final product. The product has some tools. They are

(1) main board,

(2) chance cards,

(3) dice,

(4) tokens,

(5) artificial money,

(6) teacher guideline,

(7) students guideline,

(8) answer key, and

(9) package. The product was developed based on the needs analysis results. The materials which are used are asking for and giving information using Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense. The prototype was validated by experts and tried-out to the eighth graders of SMP Negeri 9 Malang. The result exposed that Let’s Travel with English was suitable for teaching tenses through speaking activity.

Keywords:Let’s Travel with English, Monopoly Game, Grammar, Speaking