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Kegunaan Slang Words di Game Online DOTA2

Zakaria Sulaiman



Zakaria, Sulaiman. 2018. The Use of Slang Words In Online Game DOTA2. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, UniversitasNegeri Malang.Advisors: (I) Dr. Johannes AnantoPrayogo, M.Pd., M.Ed.. (II) Prof, Dr.  SiusanaKweldju

Key words: DOTA2, Slang Word

Slang words belong to casual style which is usually used by some groups of people to communicate. Slang Word can also used to identify a particular group, people who are not part of that group could be possibly recognize the identity of the group through their language, even though not all outsiders could understand could understand the Slang Word that they use. Slang words could have more than one meaning because of different communicative contexts, there are some factors that made the Slang Words have more than one meaning in each word. The objectives of the research are to find out Slang words used by State University of Malang’s students, their types and function, and why they are difficult for them.

This game has been played by players from all over the world including Indonesia; most of players who play DOTA2 are students or workers. The researcher took 24 slang words that he has compiled on a questionnaire and then shared to some English literature students and Computer Engineering students of State University of Malang who registered on 2014.The result of the questionnaire from some students of State University of Malang would be analyzed by the researcher. The analyses focus on the highest percentage of answer then they were divided into three different groups.

The researcher found some factors that caused miscommunication when the players use the Slang Words, such as, situation that happened in game, the different background knowledge of each player, and the point of view between the speaker and the listener.

Finally, the researcher conclude that players of DOTA2 especially students of State University of Malang who play DOTA2 and try to socialize with other players of DOTA2 should learn more about the Slang Words, because Slang Words are usually used by players of DOTA2 to communicate. There are three ways that the players of DOTA2 especially the students could do to learn the meaning of each Slang word. The firs is looking at the situation that happened at the time the slang words are used because every situation could change the meaning of each slang words, the second is the learner should study more deeply about the vocabulary of Slang Words them self because most of Slang Words in DOTA2 are from English Language, and the third is

players should understand the point of view of the speaker so there will not undergo misinterpretation.