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Improving Eleventh Grade Students' Writing Performance by Using Peer Feedback Technique




Dada, Mohammad. 2019. Improving Eleventh Grade Students’ Writing Performance by Using Peer Feedback Technique. Undergraduate Thesis. English Department, Faculty of Letters, UniversitasNegeri Malang. Advisor: (1) Prof. BambangYudi C, M.Pd, M.A., Ph.D, (2) Drs. Andi Muhtar, M.A.

Key Words: Free Peer Feedback, Guided Peer Feedback, Peer Feedback, Writing Performance, Writing Skill.

The purposes of this study were to improve writing performance of the eleventh grade students of Senior High School 2 at TanggulJember and to solve their writing problems by using Peer Feedback Technique. This study was also conducted to know the students’ responses toward the Peer Feedback Implementation. The result of preliminary study conducted on Thursday 9th and 16th February 2017 in XI IPA 2 SMA Negeri 2 TanggulJember showed that the students had low scores in their writing. They also had some writing problems such as developing the ideas, using proper grammar, choosing vocabulary, spelling the words, and structuring the text.

The study was done by using Classroom Action Research (CAR). There were some steps of Classroom Action Research done by the researcher in this study: planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. In implementing the Peer Feedback Technique, the researcher employed some core activities. First, the teacher gave the examples of text learnt to the students. Second, the teacher asked students to read and to identify the text content, text structures, and language features of the text. Third, the teacher explained the text content, text structures, and language features and explained the differences and similarities of two similar text genres. Fourth, the teacher asked students to write their own texts. Fifth, the teacher gave the guided peer feedback checklists and explained the procedures in filling the checklists. Sixth, the teacher asked students to give guided peer feedback by filling the checklists. Seventh, the teacher asked students to revise their own writing based on the feedbacks given by their friends. Eighth, the teacher asked students to make and to presenttheir videos in the class. Last, the teacher asked students to give free peer feedback to their friends’ writing and presentation. Those core activities helped the teacher to solve the students’ writing problems and increased the students’ writing performance.

The findings of this study showed that the students’ writing performance was improved after they were taught by using Peer Feedback Technique. It can be seen from the number of the students who got score the same as or more than 75. The students’ writing average scores also showed great improvement. This technique also solved the students’ writing problems. It can be seen from the comparison of the students’ writing compositions done in the preliminary study and the students’ writing composition done after the technique implementation. The students’ writing compositions showed a big improvement. The students’ also gave positive responses toward the technique implementation.

Finally, from the result of this study, the researcher suggests that the English teachers should implement the Peer Feedback Technique to improve students writing performance. In this study, the researcher used two similar text genres: procedure text and explanation text. The teachers also can use this technique to teach other text genres. The future researchers are suggested to conduct similar study to different text genres. The researcher suggests future researchers to give clear explanation about the guided peer feedback checklist. The researcher also the internet when they do the writing test.