SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2019

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Indonesian-English Code-switching Used in the Online Newspaper



Keywords: code, code-switching, insertion, alternation, congruent lexicalization, borrowing, context, Indonesian Language, mass media,

The purpose of this research was to analyze the use of Indonesian-English code-switching (CS) in the online newspaper This research investigated the contexts where the news writers code-switched and the types of code-switching used by the news writers.

The data in this research was collected from news articles in The selected news articles were collected from eight different news topics: politics, business, sports, automotive, digital technology, fashion, health, and traveling. Then, the code-switching occurrences in the news articles were analyzed qualitatively using the theory of context by Halliday (1985) and Muysken’s (2000) typology of code-switching.

The analysis using Halliday’s theory revealed that the field aspect of context influenced the use of code-switching in all of the eight selected news topics, as the subject matters and the topics influenced the news writers to code-switch. It was found in the findings that the news writers code-switched in two kinds of context: when the news topic contained popular English terms that were specific to the topic itself, and when quoting an interviewee. On the other hand, the analysis using Muysken’s theory revealed that insertion was the most common type of code-switching with 165 (97.6%) out of 169 occurrences, followed by congruent lexicalization with three occurrences (1.8%), and alternation with only one occurrence (0.6%). For future researchers, it is suggested for them to study other issues regarding Indonesian-English code-switching in, to study Indonesian-English code-switching in other Indonesian news portals, and to use other theories in investigating the contexts of code-switching and the reasons for code-switching in their studies.