SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2019

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The Flouting of Grice’s Conversational Maxims in Indonesian and American Vlogs.



Keywords: Grice’s conversational maxims, conversational implicature, flouting conversational maxim, vlog.

This study aims to investigate the flouting of Grice’s Conversational Maxims in Indonesian and American vlogs. The study then tries to find out the differences of flouting made between Indonesians and Americans through their conversation in the vlogs. This study belongs to descriptive-qualitative study as the data were collected and analyzed in the form of words and description.

The data sources (ten Indonesian vlogs and ten American vlogs) are taken from some popular Indonesian and American YouTube channels. The data taken from the vlogs are utterances that indicate the flouting of Grice’s cooperative principle. The data obtained was analyzed and then grouped based on each type of Grice’s conversational maxims.

The findings of the study show that the maxim of manner occupies the first position as the most often flouted maxim in Indonesian vlogs. It is followed by the maxim of relevance, quantity, and quality. The most often flouted maxim in American vlogs is the maxim of manner, followed by the maxim of quantity, quality, and relevance. The statistics of the finding suggests that there are no big differences between the flouts made by Indonesians and Americans. The findings reveal that the most often flouted maxim by Indonesians and Americans is the same; the maxim of manner. The maxim of quantity also comes out with a similar frequency of flouting. The difference is that Indonesians flout more the maxim of relevance, and flout less the maxim of quality. On the other hand, Americans flout more in the maxim of quality and flout less the maxim of relevance. Furthermore, this study then reveals that the strategies both Indonesians and Americans use to flout the maxims are the same. It is only distinguished by the frequency of using the strategy. The findings then reveal that both Indonesians and Americans also sometimes flout more than one maxim at the same time.

Based on the findings and discussion, there are several conclusions that could be noted. It can be concluded that both Indonesians and Americans regularly flout Grice’s conversational maxims. This means that Grice’s cooperative principle is not always obeyed all the time by participants of a conversation. Also, the study reveals that although Indonesians and Americans speak two different languages, their ways of applying Grice’s cooperative principle is similar.

Finally, the researcher has some suggestions for future researchers. Since the data sources of this study are informal occasions, future researchers are recommended to conduct a study that investigates Grice's cooperative principle in some formal occasions. It is also recommended for them to investigate the same topic in other languages that have not been investigated before.