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Exploring the Potential of Moodle in Developing Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension Test Bankfor Senior High School



The objective of this study is to develop a reading comprehension question bank for senior high school using Moodle learning management system. The study was based on the result of the need analysis which revealed that it is necessary to help English teachers organize test items. The teachers mentioned the demand for efficiency in administering test. Therefore, question bank was developed using Moodle. It allows teachers to manage and administer computer-based exercise or test. The selected materials for reading comprehension were arranged based on K-13 revision 2018, and selected from some reliable resources.

The procedure of the study adapted the instructional design of ADDIE model. With some simplifications, the step of this study consists of five-steps, they are: analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. During the steps, some instruments were used to collect the research data. Interview guide, questionnaire, and field observation were used in the analysis to collect preliminary data which were used as a basis for design and development of the question bank inside the Moodle. These include student experience in using computer and teacher problem in conducting tests or exercise. Expert validation checklists were also used for validation. After the product was developed, and questionnaire for both teachers and students were tried out. Some aspects were examined for the stability of the media, appropriateness of the user guide and the practicality of the question bank for exercise or tests.

The result from the expert showed that in terms of media practicality there is no problem but the question bank, needs additional item to be considered enough as question bank. After that, it.was revised. The product was then tried out to three English teachers and 96 students of tenth grade. After the product was tried out the questionnaire was given to teachers and students. From the teacher perspective, the product was very helpful especially reducing the teachers’ burden when conducting an exercise or tests. From the students, the result showed that more than 70% agree that reading comprehension exercise using Moodle was very helpful in terms of usefulness, ease of use, and satisfaction

Moodle learning management system was proved very helpful for for teacher to change the paper-based exercise or tests to computer base tests. For student, this Moodle could help them manage their exercise and the result. this research only used small feature of Moodle learning management system. The future researcher can conduct developmental research using other feature or producing more advanced application using Moodle and not limited for reading comprehension.