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Elementsof Multiple Intelligences in an English Language Course Book for Young Learners

Sukaina Bunga Nainawa.


Since the Multiple Intelligence (MI)theory was published by Howard Gardner in 1983, the world’s view of intelligence has been changed. This theory was spread out greatly and reachedto education. Many schools hasstarted to apply MI in their teaching and learning process. They believe that applying MI is an excellent way to empower students with different capabilities to achieve success in learning. Course books, which is an important teaching and learning instrument, has been updated to integrate MI into the teaching material. Unfortunately, not many English language course books are written based on MI, so this study aims to analyze a course book used in a school which implemented MI in order to know to what extent the course book reflect elements of MI and meets the different students’ needs.

The data was collected from the activities in the course book.The analysis was done qualitatively by examining all activities in the course book using a checklist which is adaptedfrom Arikan, Soydan and Isler’s (2014) previous study. The result shows that the activities in the course book analyzed cater imbalance presentation of intelligences. Predominated with verbal/linguistic and spatial/visual and no any percent for bodily/kinesthetic. Logical/mathematical, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal were found in fair percentage.

There are two suggestions proposed for future researcher.First, analyzedother course books designed for different levels toward theirimplication in MI. The result possibly different with any reason. The second suggestion is to designing a book which can be used as the teaching and learning material in the school that implement theMI theory.