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Improving Students' Writing Quality in English By Using the 7-Minute Writing Technique.

Assari Rosalia Sarry



Assari, Rosalia Sarry.2018. Improving Students’ Writing Quality in English by Using the 7-minute Writing Technique. Thesis. Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Suharyadi, M.Pd. (II) Prof. Ali Saukah, M.A., Ph.D.

Keywords: Writing Quality, 7-minute Writing Technique

According to K-13, language skill contains of four aspects namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Those skills are not easy to do for some students especially writing skill. In learning English, writing skill is one of the productive skills that students should master. Many experts have stated their opinion about writing. In order to make the students master English writing, the teacher must teach them with a proper learning technique or strategy. Though many researchers have investigated students’ writing difficulties, it still becomes an intensive concern in the EFL field.

The design of this study was Classroom Action Research (CAR). This study aims to help tenth grader students in SMKN 3 Malang to improve their writing quality in writing descriptive text. There were 29 students in the class of Administrasi Perhotelan (APH) 1 were involved in this research. This study used a 7-minute writing technique as the strategy to improve students' writing quality. The quality contains five aspects namely content, organization, grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics. The instruments used in this study were observation checklist, writing tasks, and scoring rubric. The instruments werevalidated by expert.

There are some steps to use the 7-minute writing technique. First of all, the teacher teaches the material provided on that day. Second, before closing the lesson the teacher gives the students a writing exercise with the topic chosen by the teacher. After that, the students are assigned to do the writing exercise. In the process of writing, the students are asked to make a draft of their writing in 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes are over, the teacher asked the students to complete and finalize their writing draft using the 7-minute writing technique that is they should finishing and completing their writing in 7 minutes.

The findings show that the students’ writing was getting better from meeting to meeting. The students’ mean score in writing 1 was 70.7, in writing 2 was 75, and in writing 3 was 80.3. The students' average score from meeting 1 to 3 was already improved by at least 10 points or above. In the last writing task that is writing 3, 3.4% or 1 out of 29 studentssuccessfully got “Excellent” predicate (91-100). 6.8% or 2 out of 29 got “Very Good” predicate (81-90). 89.6% or 26 out of 29 students got “Good” predicate (71-80) 3 of them got 75 and 23 of them got 80. It proves that the students’ writing score significantly improved.

Based on the findings above,it can be concluded that the use of the 7-minute writing technique is effective in improving students’ writing quality in terms of content, organization, grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics, especially in writing a descriptive text. In addition, some suggestions are also addressed to English teachers and future researchers. For the English teachers, they can modify the learning strategies in teaching Writing such as using the 7-minute writing technique. For the future researchers, if they want to apply the 7-minute writing technique as the strategy in teaching writing and develop it, they can use this study as a reference.