SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2010

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The Teaching of English in SMKN 10 Malang

Riza Ananta


Ananta, Riza. 2010. The Teaching of English in SMKN 10 Malang. Thesis,
English Department. Faculty of Letters. Sarjana Program. State University
of Malang. Advisor: Drs. H. Murdibjono, M.A.
Key Words: teaching of English, vocational school, and School-Based
A vocational school is aimed at providing its students with particular skills
related to their respective majors in order to prepare them to enter the work-field.
The teaching of English in vocational schools is very important because it is
highly required for students to master English to themselves with adequate skills
in order to support their majors. SMKN 10 Malang is a vocational school which
offers four prime majors, they are automotive, multimedia, computer and
networking techniques, and autotronic. The objectives of teaching English in
SMKN 10 Malang are emphasized on the communication purposes related to their
majors. At the end of the study, students are expected to be able to communicate
in an intermediate level of English.
This study was conducted to describe the teaching of English in SMKN 10
Malang. It aims at: (1) describing the curriculum of teaching English, (2)
describing the teaching techniques used to teach English, (3) describing the media
used in teaching English, and (4) describing the evaluation conducted in teaching
English in SMKN 10 Malang.
This study employed a descriptive design because it described the
implementation of the teaching of English in SMKN 10 Malang including the
curriculum, teaching techniques, media used, and evaluation conducted during the
teaching-learning process. The instruments used to obtain the data were
observation sheets, questionnaires, interview guide, and documentations. The
study was conducted from April 5th up to May 3th, 2010 using 82 samples of
students and 3 selected teachers as the subject of the study.
The findings showed that the school used School-based Curriculum
(KTSP) as the curriculum of English teaching. The most commonly used teaching
techniques were lecturing, discussion, role-playing, and games. It is also found
that the media used to support the teaching-learning process are the whiteboard,
students' worksheet, and audio-visual media. The evaluation conducted in
teaching of English involved both testing and non-testing aspects such as students'
performance, and the assignments, formative test, quizzes, mid-term and final test
This study suggests both teachers and schools to improve the availability
and the use of the media which was considered inadequate to support the teaching
of English in SMKN 10 Malang. The teaching techniques also needed to be
improved and varied to streamline the teaching-learning process.