SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2008

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Using Strip-story to Improve Eight Graders' Speaking Ability

Fanny Septya Christy


In this globalization era in which communication takes an important role in world information, speaking as one of the important English skills is considered important to be taught. In fact, speaking is not an easy skill to be mastered. Most of the Junior High School students are unable to speak English well although they have learned the language for at least three years. This may be caused by many psychological factors, such as inhibition, anxiety, low self-esteem,fear of making mistakes, and shyness. It is also possible that it is caused by external factors such as the lack of speaking opportunity to practice English both inside and outside the classroom. One alternative to help teachers to create natural communication is using strip-story. Strip-story is a variation of jigsaw technique in which each student is given one sentence of a story at random, and then the sentences must be re-arranged to form a story through verbal interaction.
    Teaching speaking using strip-story will help teacher to develop students' speaking ability through real communication activity and it will also help students to improve their speaking ability through a comfortable way of mastering English. The procedure that is used in strip-story activity is as follows: first, the teacher decides the groups. The teacher divides the class into several groups. Each group consist of eight students. While waiting for the students to sit with their group, the teacher sticks the strips to the wall. Each memeber of the group decides which strip that he/she likes. And then the teacher gives students time to come to the strips and memorize the sentence. The students have to memorize it, no hand-writing is allowed here. Then they discuss the sentences with their group and rearrange the sentence to form a story through oral communication. Finally, they have to present their discussion. And after each group present their work, the teacher together with the students discuss the right answer.
    Based on the result on the study, it is found out that after being treated with the strip-story strategy the teaching and learning process becomes much better. It also brings good impact on increasing the learning process and they can work as a group. The result on language function shows that in  the strip-story activity they speak with occasional hesitation, use adequate vocabulary, use comprehensible pronunciation, and use complex sentence in asking and responding. Most of the students started to speak more bravely and without feeling shy anymore. To conclude, the strategy of strip-story applied in this study has succeded in solving the students' problem in improving students' speaking ability.