SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2009

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A Content Analysis on English e-Book for Junior High School Grade VII, ”English In Focus”

Nuryantiningsih Pusporini


English is a tool for global communication and students should master English
to understand and strengthen their local and national culture as well as to know and
understand international culture. The importance of English affects the way English are
taught. English is not only taught in formal schools, but also many non-formal schools
or institutions which offer certificates that can be used as one of job requirements. That
is why it is important to increase the quality of English teaching. To improve English
teaching, we have to improve the five components of language instruction. However,
this study will only focus on the quality of textbook as one of the materials.
Textbooks hold an important role in teaching and learning activities.
Considering the importance of textbooks, teachers as well as students should have easy
access to get textbooks. Indonesian government, through the National Education
Department, provides the electronic school books (Buku Sekolah Elektronik) or e-book
for elementary, junior high and senior high school. Although the government claimed
that the e-book has already passed the National Education Standard, the result of the
evaluation is not published. The teachers who use the books may not know which
aspects of the books should be fully adapt or need to be improved. Hereby, the writer, as
a future teacher, wants to analyze whether the government’s e-book has met the EFL
textbook standard.
The study is intended to analyze English e-book for junior high school grade
VII, “English in Focus”, based on the EFL textbook evaluation criteria. The study is
also expected to find out what criteria that have been fulfilled by English e-book for
junior high school grade VII, “English in Focus”. The EFL textbook evaluation criteria
used in this study is based on the criteria from Jahangard (in The Asian EFL Journal,
The results of the study are (1) “English in Focus” is considered relevant to the
EFL textbook evaluation criterion which can be seen from the level of suitability. The
level of suitability of “English in Focus” is 90.91%, and it belongs to approximately
relevant. It means that this book can be used with only several improvements.; and, (2)
the criteria that are fulfilled by “English in Focus” are Objectives, Good Vocabulary
Explanation and Practice, Periodic Review and Test Sections, Appropriate Visual
Materials Available,  Clear Instructions, Clear Attractive Layout, Content Clearly
Organized and Graded, Good Grammar Presentation and Practice, Fluency Practice in
All Four Skills, Encourage Learners.