SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2009

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The Implementation of English Conversation Club as an Extracurricular Activity at SMP Negeri 18 Malang

Fitriningsih Fitriningsih


This study was conducted to describe the implementation of English
Conversation Club (ECC) as an Extracurricular Activity at SMP Negeri 18
Malang. There were five sub objectives included in this study, namely to describe
the purpose of conducting ECC, the facilities, media and materials used in ECC,
the teaching and learning process conducted by the instructor of ECC, the
students’ opinions about ECC, the teachers’ opinions about ECC. The subjects
were the headmaster of SMPN 18 Malang, the ECC instructor, the English
teachers, and the VII and VIII grade students following the ECC program.
This study employed a descriptive-qualitative design. The headmaster and
instructor interview guides, field notes, the teachers’ and the students’
questionnaires were the instruments used to collect the data needed. By employing
all of the instruments, the relevant data were collected. The data were then
classified by using the concept of coding categories into five sub objectives as
mentioned above.
The findings of this study were as follows. The purposes of conducting the
ECC were to establish more opportunities to speak English in daily and natural
contexts with comfortable environment and to indirectly prepare the students to be
ready to compete in speaking. These purposes were supported by the
implementation of name five games, classroom and pairs discussion, whispering
games, story completion, storytelling, conversation, and role-play as the
classroom activities conducted in the ECC. The facilities provided by the school
were considered sufficient, which was reflected in the existence of the language
laboratory. In addition, the program was supported by the use of media such as
scrabble, story books, hands puppet, flash card and thematic pictures. The analysis
on the materials showed the appropriateness to the objectives of the School-based
curriculum that is to use English in simple daily life contexts. The learning
processes conducted by the instructor were classified as good ones, since the
learning processes generated relaxing, yet responsible, activities that focused on
the development of self-esteem, self confidence, as well as self motivation. The
next findings refer to the students’ and the teachers’ opinions about the ECC,
whose results were both positive. The students considered the ECC as an
important extracurricular program to be followed and to be improved. The ECC
program gave positive effect on their speaking skill, which can be seen through the questionnaires. The program, as the students said, was considered to be an
appropriate medium for them to speak English freely. Regarding with that, the
teachers agreed that ECC should be conducted throughout the school years to help
students achieve betterment in speaking English. However, the implementation of
the ECC was considered less maximum, the ECC still needed improvement.
  Some suggestions are given for the improvement of the ECC program. It is
better if the school establishes other programs to motivate the students in
improving their speaking abilities, for example English day or kinds of English
competitions more often to increase students’ motivation in using and learning
English. It is also recommended that the English teacher willing to adopt and
modify the kinds of classroom activities, media, and materials for the regular class
in order to create a comfortable learning environment as the ECC conducted.
Concerning to the use of facilities, media and materials, the instructor should
improve her skills in operating digital equipments, should be more selective in
choosing the media, and should choose more attractive, challenging and fun
activities both indoor and outdoor . The last suggestion is given to other
researchers. It is desiderate for them to conduct other studies to investigate other
elements in the conversation club apart from the five elements above or take one
of the five elements above and conduct an in-depth investigation about it.