SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2008

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Students’ Opinions toward the Application of Peer Response Method

Fatimatuzzahroh Fatimatuzzahroh


The teaching of writing, which was once concerned with the final product
of writing, has shifted the concern into the writers’ composing process (Hairston
in Furaidah, 1997: 66). Before the process approach emerged, writing was
centered on students’ final product and the grade was based on how much
students’ product imitate the given model. Meanwhile, the process approach
views writing as a process. The process itself is divided into 4 stages; prewriting,
writing, rewriting, and post writing. On the rewriting process, students rewrite or
revise their initial writing on the base of feedback from their peers.
One of the most celebrated methods of revising is peer response method.
Peer response method is a method of revising a composition, in which students
share their writing and then take and give feedback to one another to improve
their writing, so before students’ writing is submitted and graded, students can
work in pairs or in groups revising each others’ work.
This study was conducted to describe students’ opinions toward the
application of peer response method in writing class at the English Department of
State University of Malang. There were two variables included in this study,
namely students’ opinions toward the application of peer response method in
improving their writing, and students’ expectation from the method to improve the
quality of their writing class. The subjects of this study were the students of
English Department, State University of Malang who were taking Writing I, with
19 students majoring in English Education, academic year of 2007/2008.
This study employed a descriptive-qualitative design. The questionnaires
were the instrument used to collect the data needed. The data were then classified
by using the concept of simple percentage to gain students’ opinions concerning
the two variables stated above. The findings of this study are as follows.
The data show that most of the students agree that peer response method
helps them improve their writing in terms of language use (vocabulary and
grammar), organization, and content. It is also found that students favor the
method and suggest that peer response method is applied to all writing classes.
The positive tendency gained from this study implied that there is a
growing appreciation toward the application of peer response method. Therefore,
it is recommended to the teachers of writing and students enrolling writing to
apply the method.