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Using Jumbled-Words Technique to Improve Senior High School Students' Ability in Constructing Sentences

mira dinul rahmah wahdani




Wahdani, Mira, Dinul, Rahmah. 2017. Using Jumbled-Words Technique to Improve Senior High School Students’ Ability in Constructing Sentences. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Dr. Enny Irawati, M.Pd., (2) Drs. Andi Muhtar, M.A.


Keywords: jumbled-words, writing skill, constructing grammatically correct sentences


Studies on using jumbled-words technique has grown significantly in the past decades, but there are a small number of studies which study about the effectiveness of using jumbled words technique in teaching Senior High School students.  The students of Senior High School are still confused in constructing sentences especially in constructing grammatically correct simple sentences. Every teacher wants their students to understand what has been taught. The teacher needs a suitable technique used to face the students’ problem in class. The teacher should have strategies in helping the students to achieve their English language performance since the previous studies only applied it for Elementary School and Junior High School. Therefore, the researcher intended to do a study on using jumbled word technique to help teaching writing for Senior High School especially for X IIS students in improving students ability to construct sentences in MA Perguruan Muallimat Jombang by highlighting on “How can using jumbled words improve students’ ability in constructing grammatically correct sentences?”. The researcher thought this technique is appropriate to be applied since most of the students are in the beginning levels even though actually they are in the age of adolescents.

The researcher used Classroom Action Research (CAR) design. The data were collected by conducting interview, observation, and analyzing students’ writing. In implementing the technique, the researcher also used Genre Based Approach (GBA). The instruments were observation sheets, interview guide, and students’ writing. The instruments were validated by the advisors of the researcher.

The researcher found that using jumbled-words can solve the students’ problem in writing, especially in constructing grammatically correct sentences. From the research finding, it can be concluded that there are thirty three students (100%) who have already passed the standard minimum score (76) in final and no students (0%) who are below the standard minimum score after implementing Jumbled-words technique. The mean of this final test was 91.0. From the students’ final score, it is shown that the use of jumbled-words can help the students to achieve the criteria of success made by the researcher, the students’ score can increase up to 10 point. In other words, Jumbled-words technique can improve the students’ writing ability in constructing grammatically correct sentences.

Some conclusions that can be drawn are the following. First, the use of jumbled-words made the students decreased numerous mistakes, like applying the use of grammar, ordering the ideas in the sentences, and ordering noun phrase, in constructing sentences. Second, the jumbled-words assists the students to catch the idea of constructing sentences by working together with the teacher in understanding constructing sentence, the composition of a sentence, and also working together with other students to achieve the goals of learning writing.

This research is beneficial for the English teachers and future researchers because it gives a comprehensive overview and evaluation of using jumbled-words technique in improving senior high scool students’ ability in constructing grammatically correct sentences.