SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2008

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Intensive Course Students’ Independent Study Learning and Visit Patterns in the English Self-Access Center at the State University of Malang

Nina Inayati


Independent study in a second language acquisition is one of the effective
ways that suits adult learners’ characteristics. In formal language learning,
independent study can be fostered by providing conducive learning environment
equipped by appropriate independent learning resources which enable students to
conduct independent study at their own conveniences. Such environment exists in
the English Department of the State University of Malang in form of the English
Self-Access Center (ESAC). However, not all students are aware of the
importance of independent study for the success of their second language
learning. Therefore, the English Department of the State University of Malang
introduces independent study in the Intensive Course (IC) Program, the program
that is compulsory for freshmen in their first semester. This study was intended to
describe the freshmen’s independent study patterns in the ESAC during the IC
program. It was expected that this study would be beneficial for the ESAC,
English Department and the students of the English Department. 
  This study was a descriptive qualitative research. The subjects were the
freshmen of the 2007/ 2008 academic year. The main instrument in the study was
the researcher, who was supported by some instruments, i.e. documents and
  The findings obtained suggest that freshmen’s favorite section in the
ESAC is the reading room. Their second favorite section is the speaking corner,
followed by computer room in the third place and video room in the fourth place.
Meanwhile, the audio room is the least visited section. This tendency shows the
freshmen’s preference to non-electronic sections and activities for their
independent study activities. Further analysis of the students’ independent study
patterns results in the characteristics of the sections preferred more by the
students. First, the materials in the section should be numerous and various.
Second, section’s physical properties should be effectively arranged and kept in
fashion. Third, students’ privacy and ability to focus on their study should be well
preserved. Fourth, the instruments and materials should be kept simple and
familiar for student use. 
  Based on the research findings, some suggestions were given for the
improvement of students’ independent study. For the lecturers, it is expected that
they encourage the students to do more electronic related activities especially
practicing listening. For the IC program, it should develop a scoring guide for
Independent Study sessions to get more objective final score. For the ESAC, it
should improve its facilities and service by referring to the characteristics of the
more preferred sections and materials found in this study. For future researchers,
it is suggested that they study more about IC program, the effectiveness of
independent study, or a more specific study of IS in the ESAC