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Error Analysis of English Department Freshmen’s Paragraph

Brilliant Nur Fauzi




Fauzi, Brilliant Nur. 2017. Error Analysis of English Department Freshmen's Paragraph. Undergraduate Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: Dr. Sintha Tresnadewi M.Pd., Dr. Enny Irawati M.Pd.


Key Words: error, grammar, error analysis


            The research is aimed at finding out the types of errors made by the freshmen in writing and their causes. The writer focused his research on the errors of the grammatical structures based on Surface Strategy Taxonomy which occured in the students' assignment. It was a descriptive quantitative method which analyzed the data by identifying the types of the errors, defining them, explaining them, reconstructing them into the correct target language and putting all of the data collected in a table form.

            The research finding showed that from the students' paragraph, there were 75 errors of four types: omission, addition, misformation and misordering. The first most dominant error was addition with 26 errors. The next errors which often occur was misformation with 24 errors. The next was omission with 19 errors. The last was misordering with 6 errors. The opinion of the students' about their writing answered as follows: 46.7% respondents have a problem with their vocabulary, 26.7% said they have a problem with grammar and the last two factors are confused to start the paragraph and organization which are occupied 13.3%.

Thus, it can be concluded that there were grammatical errors in their writing. The causes might be less practice, wrong learning strategy or even the teaching materials and method which provided by the lecturer are not proper. Based on the finding, it is suggested that lecturer of writing ability to provide suitable teaching materials and methods because they are important to help the learner reduce the errors. For future researchers, it is suggested that they use more subjects or participants in order to get more valid evidence or use the higher level of subjects than the researcher already done.