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Roundtable Cooperative Learning Strategy to Improve the Descriptive Writing Skill of the Seventh Graders of SMPN 21 Malang

Erina Khumairoh




Khumairoh, Erin. 2017. Roundtable Cooperative Learning Strategy to Improve the Descriptive Writing Skill of the Seventh Graders of SMPN 21 Malang. Thesis. English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisor: (I) Dr. Sintha Tresnadewi, M.Pd (II) Prof. Ali Saukah, M.A., Ph.D.


Keywords: Descriptive writing, cooperative learning, roundtable strategy.


This study was implemented to help VII graders of SMPN 21 Malang overcome their problems and improve their descriptive writing skill. In the preliminary study conducted in class 7.8 of SMPN 21 Malang, the researcher found out that most of the students could not make a good paragraph of descriptive text. One of the problems that caused this is that they are not familiar with English. Besides, the studentsare not motivated to write.

            To overcome these problems, the researcher used a cooperative learning technique called roundtable strategyto improve students’ descriptive writing skill. This strategy was also used to increase the students’ motivation in learning English. The researcher chose a roundtable strategy because it interactive. The members of each group were required to actively participated and work as team. By implementing roundtable strategy, the students learned how to write a descriptive paragraph well.

This study was implemented by using Classroom Action Research in which the researcher took a role as an English teacher. There were three observers for this study. The subjects of this study were 32 students of 7.8 class of SMPN 21 Malang. The study was conducted in two cycles consisting of two meetings for each cycle. The data of the study were obtained from the students’ tests scores before and after implementing roundtable strategy. Moreover, there were also supported data obtained from interview guide, observation checklist, field note, and questionnaire to know the students attitude toward roundtable strategy.

By the end of the second cycle, the researcher found that the criteria of success had been achieved. It was proven by the students’ scores improvement and also by the paired sample t-test analysis. The analysis of preliminary and post writing test 1 obtained t-value of 7.655 which is greater than level of significance 5% of 2.042. The second analysis between post writing test 1 and 2 also showed that t-value of 7.084 is higher than level of significance 5% of 2.042.

To sum up, the study showed that roundtable strategy could significantly improve the students’ descriptive writing skill. However, there are still some things to be improved later. For English teachers, it will be better if they have creative and innovative strategies so that the students can be motivated and interested more in learningEnglish. For further researchers who want to conduct similar study, it is suggested that the researchers manage the class well, apply the rules firmly and make the strategy well organized before implementing it.