SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2018

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Test-Wiseness Strategies Taught during English National Examination Preparation Programs in Tutoring Agencies

Ayu Alif Nur Maharani Akbar




Keywords: Washback, Test-wiseness Strategies, English National Examination


High-stakes testing always becomes a thought-provoking issue among educators due to pros and cons on its effectiveness in reforming the education system quality. Despite its disputation, in fact, the use of high stakes assessment as the major contrivance to measure and improve Indonesia’s educational quality is still irreplaceable. An interesting phenomenon related to high stakes testing which can be noticed every year is the existence of national examination preparation programs offered by tutoring agencies. Inpired by the existence of these kinds of programs, I did casual observations looking deeper on how the programs prepare their students for the examination. In fact, there are certain indications of washback and test-wiseness practices in the programs. Thus, this study was preliminary, carried out in order to investigate the wasback and test-wiseness practicesand the kinds of test-wisenesstaught in the programs.

This study was a qualitative one. As a qualitative study, it aimed to describe a phenomenon as natural as possible without any manipulation on the situations of the study, materials, and other aspects related to English National Examination Programs. The design of the study was a case study; the study was in-depth study observing factors and certain situations naturally happening during the English National Examination preparation programs. The study was carried out in two tutoring agencies in Malang. The data of the study were taken through observations, interviews with the management, tutors, and students, and analysis of related documents. The validity and reliability of this study was ensured by data triangulations in which the techniques, data sources, and types of the data were varied in order to strengthen one to other data and to avoid certain bias perspectives.

Through this study, it was found that the washback practices dominate the teaching instructions and activities of the English NE preparation programs. The instructions were mainly strategy-based instructions taught in order to make students aware on how to choose the correct answer. The cues were taught during the programs referring to test-wiseness cues which help students answer the test by maintaining the weaknesses of the test formats. There were four test-wiseness categories taught in the English NE preparation programs, namely: passage-give away, grammatical cues, length cues, and general-specific cues.

However, there are also two weaknesses of this study. For further researcher, it is suggested to do similar research in a broader scope of study involving more tutoring agencies. Hence, more test-wiseness strategies implemented might be found in these kinds of programs. In addition, it would be better if the researcher truly be the part of tutoring agencies without being recognized as somebody doing research.