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The Speaking Anxiety of The Eighth Graders of SMPN 11 Malang

Deviana safitri




Safitri, Deviana.The Speaking Anxiety of Eight Graders of SMP Negeri 11 Malang. UndergraduateThesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dra. Sri Andreani, M.Ed., (II) Prof. Utami Widiati, M.A, Ph.D.


Key words: speaking, anxiety, Junior High School.

This research was designed to investigate students’ speakinganxiety in EFL classroom in SMPN 11 Malang.There were 106 students who participated in this research. This qualitative research investigated the levels of students’ anxiety, the factorsaffecting their speaking anxiety and their strategies to copewith their anxiety. The data were collected using Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (designed by Horwitz et al., 1986) and interview guide.

The findings show that63 of the students (60%) were mildly anxious, 26 students (25%) were relaxed students, seven students(6.6%) were anxious, seven students(6.6%) werevery relaxed, and three students(2.8%) were very anxious.Other findings show that the factors affecting the students’ anxiety in speaking English were personal and interpersonal factors, learner’s beliefs about language learning, and language testing.To cope with their anxiety, most of the students applied preparation strategy followed by positive thinking, relaxation and resignation as well as nonlinguistic means strategy.


From the result obtained,it can be concluded that anxiety affects students’ performance in learning English, especially in speaking. Thus, it is important to pay attention and reduce it. To minimize the problems students employ some strategies to cope their anxiety, i.e. preparation, positive thinking, relaxation, resignation, and nonlinguistic means. Teacher should also be concerned about anxiety to create comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. Therefore, further research on speaking anxiety and its solutions are needed to help EFL students to reduce their anxiety and to learn English better.