SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2008

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Teacher’s Strategies in Overcoming Problems in the Teaching of Speaking at SMK NEGERI 1 Singosari Malang

Mohammad Hasbullah I.


This study is intended to find out students’ speaking problems and teacher’s
strategies in overcoming the problems. It was conducted at SMK NEGERI 1 Singosari
Malang because its students seem do not have sufficient speaking skills although they
have a special program, leveling system, of English.
This study is a descriptive qualitative research because (1) the researcher works in
a natural setting, (2) it concerns with the process rather than with the outcomes, (3) it
describes the facts of the subjects, (4) the researcher is as the key instrument in collecting
the data. The subjects are 27 students of three classes of grade eleventh semester 2 at
SMK Negeri 1 Singosari Malang 2007/2008 academic year. They are divided into three
different levels, elementary 5, elementary 3, and elementary 1. In this study, the
instruments used are direct observation, a questionnaire for the students, and interview
guides for the students and the English teacher. 
From the findings, it can be concluded that the students have some speaking
problems which hamper them from expressing their ideas in the speaking class. The
problems which occur in the speaking class are “students-do-not-use-English” and
“students-do-not-want-to-speak-English”. To overcome the students’ speaking problems,
the teacher employs some teaching strategies e.i. giving instant reward, giving
information on the importance of English, creating fun activities, giving additional score,
providing list of words, quoting words from the media (song, newspaper, magazine and
etc.), drilling, giving direct correction, reading aloud, training the students to think in
English, pair working and grouping techniques.
Based on the research findings, some suggestions are formulated in order to
minimize students’ speaking problems. For the students, they must follow the teacher’s
instructions well so that they can improve their speaking ability. They should be made
aware that the teacher uses these strategies not only to minimize the problems occurred
but also to improve their speaking skills. It is also hoped that the students are more active
in the speaking class so that they can improve their speaking skills. In addition, they must
support one another in order to create a conducive learning atmosphere in the classroom
which can stimulate motivation in improving their speaking skills. For the English
teacher, she must help students to minimize their speaking problems so that the speaking
class may run well and achieve the target by employing the learning strategies well. The
teacher should use proper strategies for each level based on the level of difficulties. The
teacher should also create a joyful classroom atmosphere so that the students can learn
and acquire the target language well. Since lack of vocabulary appears to be the problem
of students in every level, the teacher has to be able to create appropriate strategies to
encourage the students to learn and acquire more English words.