SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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The Teaching of Reading to Eighth Graders at SMPN 2 Malang

Dewi Ayu Rokhmatul Afifah




This study is aimed to describe the teaching of reading to 8th grade students of SMPN 2 Malang. It focused on the strategies the teachers used in teaching reading. There are factors that influence students in understanding reading such as linguistic factors, students’ background knowledge, and students’ interest. The teacher may use strategies in teaching reading to improve students’ understanding. In this case, a good choice of strategies used gives an influence to students understanding.

This study used descriptive qualitative research design. The subjects of the study were the two English teachers of 8th grade at SMPN 2 Malang. It employed some instruments to collect data, which were interview guide, observation checklist, field notes and recorder. The data were collected from February until March 2017 by observing the teaching and learning process for four meetings which is two meetings for each teacher and interviewing the teachers.

The findings covered the teaching strategies used by the teacher, the process of applying the strategies and the reasons why the teachers used the strategies. It was found that the two teachers used different teaching strategies. The first teacher used complete three-phase technique. The techniques used in pre-reading, whilst-reading and post-reading activity was brainstorming, reading aloud, questioning and reviewing. The second teacher tends to use silent reading and drilling. The reasons why the teachers used those strategies were also different. The first teacher stated that she used strategies that were easy to apply and it should be based on the condition in the class. The second teacher stated that he used the strategies that were suited to the students’ ability and condition.


Based on the findings, it is concluded that teachers of eighth grade at SMPN 2 Malang applied different teaching strategies. It is suggested that the teachers use a complete stages of three-phase technique as the teaching reading strategies in order to improve students’ interest on the lesson. The teacher should also more focus on the whilst-reading activity and not easily distracted by other topic. For the further research, it is suggested that other researchers focus on other school and choose more experience teachers .