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Pronunciation Lapses of Korean Hip Hop Rappers

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Different pronunciations are likely to lead to misunderstanding in the part of interlocutors. Nonetheless, Korean rappers or singers, for instance, do not pay more attention when it comes to rapping and singing English as well as AAVE (African American Vernacular English) lyrics which cause mispronunciation. Therefore, this study is conducted to undertake the pronunciation errors focused on segmental sounds produced by Korean rappers in singing and rapping English lyrics as well as AAVE lyrics since Hip hop music will not be far from AAVE as the root of HHNL (Hip Hop Nation Language). The research is descriptive-qualitative. The objects of the study are three selected Korean rappers which later their songs are selected and downloaded. The 31 songs contained English lyrics are obtained as the subject of this study. AAVE features listed by Rickford (1999) are also used as the base to analyze and classify the AAVE lyrics used by Korean Hip Hop rappers. The results inform that there are 180 errors in pronouncing AAVE lyrics and 855 errors of English lyrics. Vowels are the most frequent errors produced by Korean Rappers. Moreover, the types of errors are Substitution (998), deletion (83), and insertion (54). Furthermore, insertion only occurs in English lyrics. From the findings, the researcher concludes that Korean rappers have problems in pronouncing English and AAVE lyrics. The errors are possibly caused by the absence of some sounds in L1 and the similar sounds between English and Korean sounds and syllabic structures.