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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks Viewed from the Perspective of Freudian Psychosexual Development Theory

M. Afif Amirul Mukminin




The unconscious state of mind of a human is what mostly causing a person to become what he/she is today. Just like an iceberg, based on Sigmund Freud’s psychological theory, what is below the water is the hidden reason to what he/she may have become. However, there are times where a person takes quite sometime in realizing such fact that when he/she encounters a problem in his events of life they become stressful or even suicidal. This study aims to discover the issue of hidden reason based on Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Development theory in Landon Carter, a character in a novel entitled A Walk To Remember written by Nicholas Sparks.

In this research, the researcher applies qualitative research method. The sources of data are library and literary data. The technique includes reading the novel “A Walk To Remember” by Nicholas Sparks, identifying and marking important points from the character analyzed, taking notes on the primary data (novel) and secondary data references), matching the notes with the Psychosexual Development theory suggested by Sigmund Freud and finally drawing conclusion based on the analysis of data.

The analysis finds that the boy in this novel (1) experiences an inbalance parental care, (2) thought that Jamie Sullivan represents his mother in many ways, (3) experiences mother-fixated during phallic stage, (4) resolves the mother-fixated by getting married with Jamie Sullivan.


The researcher concludes that Landon Carter had an affair with a girl named Jamie Sullivan where they became closer and in the end getting married. In the end, Landon believes that Jamie represents his mother in many ways that this will resolve the mother-fixated issue. The writer’s suggestion for further research is to emphasize more on the issue of Landon’s attachment to his mother viewed from the perspective of Oedipus Complex and explore this novel by the point of view of defense-mechanism. As for parents, this research can be used as a reference in understanding their children more.