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ABSTRACT Mahanani , Maya Puspita . 2016. Dictionary Training For Choosing The Right Meaning Of Particular Words Contextually At Smp N 13 Malang

maya puspita mahanani




Vocabulary is one of language components that should be acquired by the learner in

learning a language. Vocabulary mastery supports

the development of language skill especially

reading. The problem in vocabulary mastery, therefore, will also influence the language skill

mastery. The students of VIII

F class at SMP 13 Malang had learning problem related to their

vocabulary mastery. Th

e preliminary study conducted showed that the students could not choose

the sufficient meaning from the context of the text. The observation also revealed that the teacher

only used drilling technique in teaching vocabulary that made students forget the ta

ught words

easily. To solve this problem, the researcher and teacher used dictionary training to choose the

sufficient meaning of particular words contextually to improve the students’ vocabulary mastery.

The technique helps students to be able to choose

the right meaning and synonym contextually.

In addition, the researcher used English dictionary in teaching and learning process.

The researcher uses Collaborative Action Research (CAR) which was conducted in one

cycle. The subjects of the study were

31 students of VIII

F class at SMP 13 Malang. The data in

this study were collected using an interview guide, questionnaire, an observation sheet, and field


After the data was analyzed, this study was considered successful since the criteria of


ess had been achieved. In addition, the students can guess the new words based on the

context. The students’ vocabulary test score had shown the improvement from 22.6% to 77.4%.

The students who got 75 or above


also increase from 7 to 24 students. Th

e students also gave

positive feedback toward the implementation of the strategy.

The strategy was conducted in several steps; the first is preparing the text and selecting the

words to learn as the teaching materials. The topics of the text are about stud

ents’ daily life. The

second is teaching students to choose the right meaning from context. The researcher asks them

to read the whole text to find the main idea of the text. After that, they focused on bold


selected words. To guess the meaning of bol



words they have to read the words before and

after the bold


words. To make sure they understood, they should do the exercises about the

synonym and the meaning of the selected words in recount text. in addition, the students allow

looking at th

e dictionary to deal with the sufficient meaning of particular words. Before the

lesson ended, the students got the teachers’ explanation of the appropriate meaning and synonym

based on the context in recount text.

This study proposes some suggestions for

the English teachers and further researchers.

Both of the teacher and researchers should follow some steps to implement the technique in

teaching vocabulary. The steps should consider on selecting the texts and words; and how to

implement the strategy. Tho

se indicators will help to get a good result in teaching vocabulary.