SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar




Based on the Curriculum of 2013, the tenth graders of senior high school are expected to be able to comprehend and produce various long functional texts. One of the text types for the tenth graders of senior high school to be mastered is descriptive text. In descriptive writing, the students should be able to write in detail in order to help the readers imagine what the topic is about. The most important part of writing a description is using clear and effective words that create exactly the picture the writers want to describe. The richer the vocabulary the clearer the description will be. And the situational posters have proven that it indeed improves students’ vocabulary mastery.

The result of the preliminary study showed that the students of X MIA 2 of SMAN 3 Blitar had problems with vocabulary, especially when they tried to write descriptive text. In their writing most of them wrote in Bahasa Indonesia when they did not know the English words. Therefore, the researcher conducted a study to solve students’ problem in vocabulary mastery. She employed situational posters to improve students’ vocabulary mastery in descriptive writing.

This study employed Classroom Action research (CAR) as the research design. CAR is to intervene in a deliberate way in then problematic situation in order to bring about changes and, even better, improvements in practice. It consists of four stages (1) planning, (2) implementing, (3) observing and (4) reflecting. The subjects of this study were X MIA 2 class students of SMAN 3 Blitar. There were 31 students who participated in this study.  The researcher used two kinds of assessments: vocabulary and writing test. She used five instruments: observation checklists, field notes, questionnaires, students’ worksheets, and vocabulary and writing test. The English classroom teacher helped the researcher by taking the role of an observer during teaching and learning process and also revising the lesson plans and giving advice in terms of teaching and learning strategy.

The research findings showed that situational posters have successfully improved students’ vocabulary mastery in descriptive writing. It can be seen from the point improvements of students’ score in vocabulary-writing tests. All of the students, 31 students, could improve their score above 10 points, even the points improvement were extremely good because the highest point improvement was 38 points. The students could reach the criteria of success. Also, the students gave positive responses toward the strategy. The learning process was very interesting and fun for them. The steps of the strategy that have proven to be able to improve students’ vocabulary mastery and make them enjoy the learning process are (1) introducing and strengthening vocabulary, (2) reviewing vocabulary, (3) explaining and giving practice to the students to make simple descriptive sentences in a group, (4) playing ‘True/False’ situations, (5) giving example of descriptive text (describing situation) and find out difficult or unknown word from the text, (6) asking the students to make descriptive text, and (7) asking the students to do peer-feedback.

It is finally suggested that English teachers employ situational posters as teaching strategy in teaching vocabulary in writing, especially in descriptive writing. The researcher recommends that future researchers employ the findings of the present research as their reference.