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Errors in Recount Text Written by the Eighth Graders of SMPN 6 Malang

mega . ambarwati




Ambarwati, Mega. 2017. Errors in Recount Text Written by the Eighth Graders of SMPN 6 Malang. Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Drs. AndiMuhtar, M.A (2) Dr. E. D. Laksmi, M.Pd, M.A


Keywords:Error, Past Tense, Recount Text

The subject of this study was the eighth graders of SMPN 6 Malang. It was found that the students had difficulties in writing recount text. One of the difficulties was the tense used in the text, thus made them tend to make errors. It proved that writing is one of the difficult skills to be acquired by L2 students, because in writing, the students need to have some knowledge. It also proved that analyzing the errors made by the students is an important thing to do. By analyzing the errors, the teacher can use the suitable and the best method or strategy to teach the students, so that they can acquire a better writing.

Therefore, the researcher conducted research on the students’ errors in writing recount text written by the eighth graders of SMPN 6 Malang. The subject of the study was31 students of SMPN 6 Malang coming from VIII-7 class. Recount text was chosen because it is one of the English texts that is taught to the students at that time and it is also stated in K13 syllabus for junior high school. The researcher used Surface Strategy Taxonomy proposed by Dulay (1982) to analyze the errors made by the students.

The result of this study showed that there were 181 errors found in the students’ recount texts. Those errors were classified into four types of error, i.e. omission, addition, misformation, and misordering. But, in this study, there were only three types of error that were related to recount text. The biggest error found in this study was misformation. Misformation error found in this study was alternating form of verb. It came up to 60.77% and followed by omission with 24.30%. Omission error found in this study were omission of suffix –e/-ed (23.19%) and omission of auxiliary verb (1.10%). The last was addition error that came up to 14.91%. it was the most infrequent error found in this study. Addition errors found in this study were double marking (7.73%), regularization (4.96%), and simple addition (2.20%).

In conclusion, the errors found in this study were errors of misformation(60.77%), omission (24.30%)and addition (14.91%).  It is suggested that the teacher, has to give further explanation about the material, so that the students can acquire better writing and also better English. It is suggested that future researcher can use the result of this study as the reference to conduct research related to error analysis.