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The Invention of Lying (2009): Understanding the Truth

Muhammad Reza Fauzi




This thesis analyzes the concepts of truth that are used in the film entitled “The Invention of Lying” using the theory by Richard Campbell and the book by Lee Archie and John G. Archie. The data were taken from the scenes and dialogs that was in the film. Those two elements is the main data of the analysis.

The finding shows that the film is indeed using several concept of truth as the base idea for the film’s truth. These concepts are ‘Truth Needs to Corresponds with Reality’, ‘Reality is a Truth’ and ‘Truth is Consistent’.Yet, even the film has a solid base in the idea, the film still has a flaw that I find quite a bother despite the fact that the film is somewhat has a great promise by building its world as the world of truth. The flaw is the conflicting use of the conception of truth.

However, there is one form of ‘true’ that the film shows us for the entire time. The ‘true-as-faithfulness’ concept which however we look at it, it is part of the Coherence theory because of its consistency.Yet in order for us to be able to change our idea of truth, we still need a few qualities that which are important to face the ever changing reality such as personal commitments and personal growth that require openness, faithfulness, and authenticity.