SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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Using Jigsaw Technique to Improve the Reading Skill of the Eighth Graders of SMP 16 Malang.





The aim of this research was to improve students’ ability in reading skill using Jigsaw technique. Jigsaw technique is a cooperative learning technique that enables the students to work together on a small part of a problem which is consisting of two groups, that is Jigsaw Group and Expert Group. The procedure of the technique in this study are first, the students are divided in a group which called “Jigsaw group’. Second, student from each group voluntereed to become a group leader. Third, students  given different text with some vocabulary list of some unfamiliar words in the text.  Fourth, students read their own text. Fifth, students join other students with the same text and this group called “Expert group”. Sixth, students are regrouped with their previous group or Jigsaw group.  Seventh, students present their result in their Jigsaw group. The last, students do a test based on the material given. The technique allowed students to work cooperatively in a team in order to get full information of the text.

The design of this study is Classroom Action Research. The steps of this research were planning, conducting action, observation, and reflection. The subjects of this study were the students of SMPN 16 Malang in the second semester of academic year 2016/2017. There are 32 students in that class. The study took two cycles to achieve the criteria of success, that is 70% of the students reach the minimum score 75.

The result of the research show that using Jigsaw technique can improve the students’ reading skill. It was shown by students’ reading test score which passed the minimum standard that is 75 at the end of meeting, and 90.6% of the students reach the minimum score.

In the aplication of Jigsaw technique, they were more active in every activity, they were willing to participate in the group discussion, and they were more serious to finish the task in groups. They were also motivated to work in groups and they were motivated in reading the English task.


Based on the research result, the conclusion of using Jigsaw technique are first can improve students’ reading skill and also students did not have any difficulties to find new vocabulary, since researcher listed the difficult words bellow the students’ worksheet. English teacher hopefully adopt the steps of Jigsaw technique to improve students’ in reading skill. Teachers are also suggested to use this technique to enhance students’ motivation in reading with some modification to accommodate the weakness of this technique in terms of time allotment. The researcher also suggested that further researchers explore the use of the Jigsaw technique on different kinds narrative text.