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An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in the Personal Letters Written by the Eleventh Graders of SMAN 10 Malang

Naima Khairunisa




Khairunisa, Naima. 2017.

An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in the Personal

LettersWritten by the Eleventh Graders of SMAN 10 Malang

. Thesis,

English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang.

Advisors: (I) Drs. Andi Muhtar

M.A, (II) Dr. E.D. Laksmi, M.Pd, M.A


error, grammar, personal letters

English C



in Indonesia

, including for Senior High



,expects the students to be able to use English for both spoken and written.

However, some EFL students

often make errors in composing a written text because

the lack of grammar competence. In order to write well, the students need to master

grammar competence

. Indonesian students often find difficulties in writing because

the grammar rules between English a

nd Indonesian language are different.

This study aims to analyze the grammatical errors in the personal letters

written by the eleventh graders of SMAN 10 Malang. The data was collected by

asking the students to write a personal letter for their classmate.

Then, the result of

their writing was classified and analyzed using

Surface Strategy Taxonomy


by Dulay et al., 1982. Dulay et al. classified errors into four types that is omission

errors, addition errors, misformation errors, and misordering err

ors. The result of the

study is reported descriptively.

From the result of the study, the errors occur as a result ofinterlinguall and

intralinguall transfer. In interlinguall transfer, some students do direct translation from

Indonesian language to Englis

h language. In intralinguall transfer, the students cannot

apply the English grammar rules correctly. In this case, the student uses


in every

interrogative sentence.

After analyzing and classifying the data, there are 225 errors that are found in


students’ writing. The highest frequent error is misformation errors (43.5%). The

error of omission occurs 42.2% in the data analysis. The third is error of addition that

reaches 11.1%. The least occurring error is error of misordering (3.2%).

Based on the

result of the study, the researcher suggests that English teachers

use more suitable method in teaching grammar. One way to apply the rules in English

grammar is by asking the students to write journal. By doing so, the students have

time to apply the gra

mmar rules that have been discussed. Then, the teacher discusses

the work together with the students.