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An Analysis of The Culture-Related Content of The English Textbook For The Tenth Graders

silvia maghfirah




ABSTRACT Maghfirah, Silvia, 2017, An Analysis of The Culture-Related Content of The English Textbook For The Tenth Graders, thesis, English Department faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Mirjam Anugerahwati, M.A., (II) Dr. Emilia Iragiliati, M.Pd. Keywords : culture, textbook analysis The government has published an English textbook for senior high school in line with the 2013 curriculum. The social core competence for senior high school is to create students to act locally and think globally. The statement has been encouraged the researcher to analyze the textbook based on culture related content. The objective of this study is to analyze Bahasa Inggris dan budi pekerti

SMA/SMK/MA/MAK KELAS X in terms of 1. Dimension of culture and 2. Categories of culture. This study uses descriptive qualitative in content analysis. In collecting the data, this study following systematic steps. Those are (1) adopting the instrument based on dimension of cultures by Moran and categories of culture by Chao, (2) validating the instrument, (3) evaluating the textbook using validated instrument, (4) presenting the result of the textbook evaluation. The data was gathered using instrument in the form of checklist. In the data analysis, each dimension has been broken into aspect and each aspect consist of five questions then the researcher calculated the total score of each aspect divided by total number of points of all dimension. Then. It was multiplied by 100% as the total criteria of each dimension. From the data collected, it was found that the score for product is categorized as excellent 85%, practices is categorized as good 70%, perspectives is categorized as good 75%, communities is categorized as fair 50% and the last person is categorized as fair 60%. The finding of the study showed that the textbook covers the dimensions of culture from different countries, however, the textbook showed that that the content of the textbook mostly covers source culture and target culture content. The study found that the culture that presented in the textbook does not provide explanation. It concludes that Bahasa Inggris dan budi pekerti SMA/SMK/MA/MAK

KELAS X first and second semester covers the five dimensions of culture. However, the content of the textbook is biased to local culture and target culture, it will be good to provide different culture in the textbook, so that the students can learn different kinds of culture. In addition, adding an explanation about the culture in the textbook will be a good idea rather just mention it. for future researcher can conduct the same study using different level of textbook.