SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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The Teaching of English Vocabulary to the Fourth Graders at SDN 1 Durenan

Ruri Octaviani




Octaviani, R. 2017. The Teaching of English Vocabulary to Fourth Graders at SDN 1 Durenan. Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: 1) Dr. Sri Rachmajanti, Dip. TESL., M.Pd. 2) Dr. Mirjam Anugerahwati, M.A.


Key words: teaching English vocabulary, young learners

The study was conducted to know the teaching of English vocabulary to the fourth graders at SDN 1 Durenan. The teaching of English vocabulary was chosen as the focus of the study because this is the main materials which is taught in this school. The researcher observed for three meetings. The observation was made to evaluate the lesson plan, procedures of teaching English vocabulary, materials, the teacher’s techniques, media and the assessment of teaching English vocabulary.

The design used in this study was qualitative, specifically case study. The subject of this study was an English teacher and fourth grade students at SDN 1 Durenan. The researcher here evaluate what is going on in the setting of research. The instruments used to collect the data were interview guide, observation sheet, evaluation sheets, field notes and questionnaire. The interview guide was used to interview the English teacher and the headmaster in order to support the data from the observation. The observation sheet was used to analyze the teaching ofEnglish vocabulary activity. The evaluation sheets were used to analyze the lesson plan and the worksheet made by the teachers. The field notes were taken while doing the observation. The questionnaire was distributed to the students in order to know their opinions about the teaching of English vocabulary


The result of this research showed that thelesson plan that is made by the teacherwas quite good. but some of the components were not described specifically and needs to be changed. The procedures of teaching English vocabulary that were conducted by the teacher almost fulfill five essential steps in vocabulary learning. A coursebook entitled “Getting Started in English” is the only source of the materials to teach English in this school. The coursebook was not communicative enough.The teacher often used the translation technique that made the students sometimes lazy to remember the meaning of the words. The teacher still used teacher center more than student center. The teacher often used vocabulary books and dictionary as the media of teaching, not only to introduce the words. The teacher rarely used the other media, that were better. Some of the assessments had not fulfill the criterion of a good assessment, yet. The vocabulary task is the only assessment that fulfills a good criterion of a good assessment. The worksheet of this vocabulary task was also quite good in terms of face validity, but the reliability was still low.