SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2008

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

“The Teaching of English in Acceleration Class at SMUN 3Malang”

Fransiskus. P, A.Md Jonet


Developing language competence needs a long process. Therefore, it is
interesting to investigate how English teachers can develop the students’ language
competence in acceleration class, where students’ study time is shortened to 2 years.
This study was intended to describe the teaching process of English in acceleration
class at SMUN 3 Malang in terms of teaching materials and media and also
teaching techniques. It was expected that the description of this study could be
beneficial as a feedback for the teacher and school in developing the acceleration
program. This study is a descriptive qualitative research. The subject was the
English teachers of acceleration class of SMUN 3 Malang of 2007/2008 academic
year. The main instrument in the study was the researcher, who was supported by
some instruments, i.e.: observations and interviews.
From the findings, it could be explained that the teacher used 3 different
English books and others source materials such as English newspaper, pictures,
posters, and some materials from the internet as the teaching materials. The teacher
used some kinds of media in his teaching, such as: audio media, visual media, and
audio-visual media. He used language lab for teaching listening program. For the
teaching techniques, the teacher used some kinds of teaching techniques; they are
lecturing, games, simulation, and discussion technique. Although he used some
teaching techniques in teaching English process, the most teaching technique used
by the teacher was discussion technique. It could be concluded that the selected
materials and media and teaching techniques used by the teacher in acceleration
class have some strengths and weaknesses. The strengths were on the use of
selected materials and the complete facilities of media. The weaknesses were on the
teaching preparation, the materials selected by the teacher. The materials cannot
cover the development of all four language skills. The emphasis is only on the
reading and writing skills. For teaching technique, in the acceleration class the
teacher uses not only discussion technique, but also fixed group technique. The
strength of those techniques is that the teacher used them to foster interaction
between students whose skills, attitudes and interest differ, and allow them to use
democratic leadership skills to lead the direction of their discussion and
participation. The weakness is related to noise. Obviously, students speak all at
once trying to accomplish their task, and this causes noise that may bother other
Based on the research findings, some suggestions were given for the school
or principal and acceleration program development team; they have to make a
specific qualification for the teachers who will teach the acceleration class or
program. The qualifications of English teachers in acceleration class should be ii
different with the qualification of English teacher in regular class.  They also have to
conduct a better entrance selection system for acceleration class students. The
criteria that must be passed are not only IQ test score, interview, and academic
score, but also creativity test score. In addition to that, the school should be able to
identify kinds of intelligence that the students they have to make a specific
qualification for the teachers who will teach the acceleration class or program. The
qualifications of English teachers in acceleration class should be different with the
qualification of English teacher in regular class. For the betterment of teaching and
learning process of English in acceleration class especially for the English teacher
of acceleration class; he should work harder to increase the quality of the teaching
learning process of English by planning the teaching activities well in advance,
designing other source of teaching materials which can cover the development of
four language skills, being creative in providing the teaching and learning activities
which are suitable with the students’ characteristics, talents, interest, and
preferences and he should be the facilitators and guides not to be the police
officers whose stand behind the students’ back in order to correct everything they
say or do. Further researchers are suggested conducting research about teaching and
learning English in acceleration class with more specific focus, such as students’
evaluation or assessment, so that the students’ evaluation of English in acceleration
can be described and analyzed more deeply.