SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2008

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The Teaching of Reading Comprehension Strategies Implemented by English Teachers of SMAN 4 Malang

K. Adiniyah


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This study was intended to describe the teaching of reading
comprehension strategies implemented by English teachers of SMAN 4 Malang.
Considering the importance of reading comprehension strategies, the researcher
was interested to observe the strategies and techniques teachers implemented in
teaching reading comprehension to the students.
The research design was descriptive qualitative. Three instruments were
used in this study. They were interview format, observation checklist, and field
notes. The subjects of the study were two English teachers of SMAN 4 Malang
who teach grade XI.
The finding shows that in pre-reading stage, teacher A implemented
reading comprehension strategies such as activating background knowledge and
dealing with new vocabulary. On the other hand, teacher B implemented
predicting and activating background knowledge. In whilst reading stage, the
writer saw that both teacher A and B used reading aloud, silent reading, social
and affective strategy, reread, and paraphrasing. In addition, teacher B also open
dictionary to find certain meaning. In post reading section, both teacher A and B
implemented summarizing, concluding and reflecting as the reading
comprehension strategies.
There are some strengths and weaknesses reveal in the teaching of reading
comprehension strategies by the English teachers of SMAN 4 Malang. The
strengths are that the English teachers of SMAN 4 Malang have taught the
strategies needed by their students related to the reading. They employed the three
steps technique in teaching reading comprehension. However, the weaknesses of
the teaching of reading comprehension strategies implemented by English
teachers of SMAN 4 Malang are as follows: they only taught a few activities in
pre reading activities, and they did not give models to the students about how to
read effectively, especially the use of the strategies in reading.
Some suggestions are then presented for the improvement of the teaching
and learning English especially for the teaching of reading comprehension
strategies.For the English teacher, first, they should add some more activities in
pre reading stage. This is based on the consideration that activities in pre reading
stage are very important in helping the readers to engage with the text. Second,
they should teach or train their students how to read effectively. One way among
others is by giving a model how to use the reading comprehension strategy. 
Considering the limitation of the study, in terms of subjects of the study
and the short time of data collection, it is suggested for the other similar
researchers to conduct researches in broader subjects of the research at different
levels and more time in data collection. It is also suggested to conduct classroom
action research on the teaching of reading comprehension strategies.