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The Awareness-raising Training on Oral Communication Strategies to Improve Students’ Speaking Ability

T.H Saputro


Most students find many problems in speaking. Some of the problems faced by the students in expressing their idea orally, especially conversation, are nervousness, lack of concidence, and lack in linguistic support including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc. Those problems make communication breakdown whenever the students have to deal with English conversation. College the students of Pendidikan Sejarah of State University of Malang were identified faced similar problems. Moreover, it was found that they did not know anything about the oral communication strategies that could help them to improve their speaking ability. Thereover it would be worthwhile to give them those strategies and raised their awareness on the use of them. The awareness-raising training in form of of matecognitive training. Metacognitive training on oral communication strategies have been proven to solve their problems and improve students’ speaking ability.

            An action research study was conducted to answer whether there is improvement in students’ speaking ability, especially conversation skill, after the students of Pendidikan Sejarah, academic year 2008, were given metacognitive training on oral communication stetegies. This study was conducted in two cycles. Each cycles consisted of four stages, namely planning, implemention, observation and reflection. Cycle 1 consisted of threee meetings while Cycle 2 consisted of two meetings.

            The data obtained from fields note, students’ stategy diary, conversation task or practice and retrospective verbal report protocol. Field note gave the data of description of students’ activity. Strategy diary provided the data of students’ awareness that had to reach at least 75 percent of total number of students who got band 3 to meet the criteria of succes. Lastly, the retrospective verbal report protocol provided data of students’ use of oral communication strategies presented in form of description.

            The result showed that were was improvement in students’ speaking ability. It was shown by the improvement in students’ awareness through the strategy diary and students’ scores. The oral communication stetegise were reported to be effectivelly used by the students. It means the metacognitive training the raised students’ awareness on how they should apply oral communication strategies consciously in the conversation has beeb able to improve students’ score of speaking performance.

            Based on the findings, it is suggested that English teachers of lecturers use metacognitive traning on oral communication stategies in teaching speaking to help students improve their speaking ability and solve their most problems in speaking by using oral communication strtegies. Besides, the practical suggestions for further researchers to spend one or two meetings to explain the procedure of the metacognitive traning and the strategy diary, the oral communication strategies and the retrospective verbal report protocol. Second, it is recommended for futher researcher to apply the training of different level of students, such as elemantary, junior or senior high students. Lastlty, sinse in this study, the researcher did not analyze deeper the retrospective verbal report protocol, futher research can analyze it deeper to investigate which oral communication strategies mostly used by the students and the reasons.

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