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Jargons in the Fashion Online Magazine Zalora

yuly marina nur wulandari




Wulandari, Yuly MN. 2017. Jargons in the Fashion Online Magazine Zalora. Thesis, English Department, Fakulty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Johannes A. Prayogo, M.Pd. M.Ed. (II) Dr. Hj. Emalia Iragiliati, M.Pd


Keyword: Jargon, Fashion Online Magazine Zalora

As a fashion magazine, Zalora is recognized as a trend to get various products or information through online bloggers. As one of the biggest brand fashion retailers and online magazines in Asia, Zalora can be used to convey information, persuade the readers with the news and articles, and to attract the people to buy the products. In this regard, the role of jargon is one way for creating effects to the customers. This present study aims to reveal the types of jargons, morphological process and semantic meaning of the jargons.

Using descriptive qualitative method, this study involved 102 jargons used by Zalora. The sources of the data were taken from Zalora Magazine that can be accessed on Zalora website. The researcher did the following steps to collect the data: 1) visiting Zalora official website, especially Zalora Singapore 2) listing the jargon words, 3) sorting the jargon words 4) taking a note for each of its jargons, and 5) analyzing the jargon words based on morphological process, types of jargon, and semantic meaning.

The findings show that 1) most of the jargons are written in the form of words, 2) the jargons are divided into nine morphological processes : 3 acronyms, 4 blending words, 24 borrowings, 6 clippings, 8 coinages, 11 compounding words, 15 derivations, 30 multiple processes, and 1 semantic change, 3) the types of jargon are divided into three types : technical jargon, gobbledeegok, and buzzword, which buzzwords appear the most, 4) denotative meanings are mostly found in this research, because the meaning of the jargons can be found in some sources such as dictionary, internet, or books.


Finally, it can be concluded that Fashion Online Magazine Zalora implies different values. It is suggested to learn more about the importance of jargon as one of the aspect in creating a purposeful jargon. Therefore, the writers should create a creative jargon and write the meaning of the jargon inside of the magazine. Besides, it also suggested to the readers, that they should be aware of using jargon phenomena. For the further researches should explore the jargons in different fields of community.