SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2007

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The Teaching of English at Management Department, Faculty of Economics, State University of Malang

Oktavia Widiastuti


In this study, Management Department, Faculty of Economics, State
University of Malang which offers English as a requirement subject is
investigated to know how English is conducted.
The purpose of the study is to describe the syllabus for the teaching of
English, the instructional materials used in the teaching and learning process, the
teaching and learning techniques applied by the teacher in the class, and the
evaluation used by the teacher to measure the students’ English achievement.
The research design used in the study is descriptive qualitative design. The
subjects investigated are the students of Management who are taking English at
the first semester of 2007-2008 academic years (41 students) and the English
teacher. The instruments that are used to collect the data are questionnaire for the
students, interview with the teacher, structured observation sheets and field notes,
and checklists.
The result of this study shows that the syllabus for the teaching of English
is available. The syllabus is in the form of a course outline which is prepared and
arranged at the beginning of the course.
The instructional material used by the English teacher is a specific
textbook for the students taking English, which is prepared and arranged by the
teacher. From the result of questionnaire, it is found that the contents of the
textbook vary and are suitable for the students’ field of study. The topics focus on
reading comprehension and exercises with additional topics on grammar,
vocabulary and special terms, idioms, and translation.
The teaching techniques most frequently used by the teacher in the
classroom is translating from English into Indonesian, explaining a specific
structure or grammar found in the passage, and sometimes helping the students in
comprehending a passage by translating the important part of the passage. Class
work and group work activities are used in the teaching and learning processes.
Concerning the language used during the class session, Indonesian is frequently
used in the classroom by both students and the teacher. Only approximately 5% of
the time, English is used during the class.
To evaluate the students’ achievement the teacher carries out written tests
including the mid – term test and final test. The tests are prepared by the teacher
(a teacher – made test). The teacher also evaluates students’ participation and
activeness in the classroom (ongoing activities). The focuses of the test material
are questions about a specific business matter, translation, and vocabulary. The
types of test used to evaluate the students’ achievement are translation, matching,
true – false, and answering questions related to business matter. The language
used in the test is English    iii
The existence of English at non-English department is very important to
carry out future researchers for the improvement of the course. Other researchers
are supposed to conduct a more thorough study on the instructional materials
presented by the teacher because instructional materials give contributions to the
result of the English teaching. Besides, more investigation on the implementation
of the teaching technique is also required. It is considered that a comparison study
for the techniques implemented so far and the other techniques will be useful to
improve the result of the teaching of English at non-English Department.

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