SKRIPSI Jurusan Sastra Inggris - Fakultas Sastra UM, 2017

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The Use of Crossword Puzzle to Improve Students’ Vocabulary Mastery at Seventh at SMPN 2 Maron

Ria Purwanti




This research was a Classroom Action Research (CAR) which aimed to improve students’ vocabulary mastery by using a crossword puzzle game. The research study was conducted at SMPN 2 Maron. Based on the results of the preliminary study, in the form of a vocabulary test for students and an interview to the English teacher, it was found that students had difficulty acquiring new vocabulary in English. 30 students of grade 7A were treated as subjects of this study.

The research study was conducted in three meetings. This form of research is a collaborative classroom action researchwhich was aimed at solving problems that were experienced by English teachers in vocabulary mastery of the students. In this research, the English teacher acted as a collaborator which observed the use of crossword puzzle game in the classroom. This classroom action research consisted of several activities incorporated in the cycle consisting of planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. Researcher only had one cycle of research because the results of students’ learning has met the criteria of success.

Based on the results of the application of learning strategies using crossword puzzle game, this game had a positive impact on students’ vocabulary mastery. At the first meeting students were given areading text according to the topic.Students were then asked to ask a difficult vocabulary and were given a crossword puzzle game, 20 questions. In the second meeting, students were asked to mention 20 vocabulary that had been learned in the previous meeting. After that students were given crossword puzzles totaling 20 questions. At the last meeting, students were asked to name 40 vocabulary that were learned at the previous meeting. Finally students were given a vocabulary test of what they had learned in the previous meetings. The result of the students’ test had reached the standard score that had been set that is 76. All the students (30 people) had reached the standard score or above, or if 100% students had reached the standard score. In addition, a questionnaire about students' opinions on the use of crossword puzzle game showed positive results on students’ vocabulary mastery in English.


Based on the findings, researchergave some suggestions to minimize problems in vocabulary mastery. Suggestions for English teachers, the researcher suggested to English teachers to use crossword puzzle game, since this game helps students improve students’ vocabulary mastery. In addition, teachers were also encouraged to motivate students so that they could improve their own vocabulary using this game. For other researchers,they are able to do research using this game in higher student levels and different scopes so as to know the power of this game in improving vocabulary mastery.